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  1. Phil, yea certainly a memory hog in my brain, the best was on here when ten people posted within seconds Pink thunder snow. I was on my deck getting sleet pelted when all heck broke loose, actually had to retreat inside due to the initial intensity. The pic out my front door was right at the flip and Tsnow. My family and friends in SRI had no clue what transpired up here until I sent the video from my phone to them. Unfortunately that phone took a bath with my dog LOL
  2. Will LOL at the weenie yard stick, some day you will get that elusive three footer.
  3. Weenie kids doing what we all did when we were weenie kids during Dec 05 , pretending to be newscasters, the video does pick up the intensity well
  4. http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/oa/wct/. Archived Radar by station with viewer back to 94
  5. Not all snowstorms have to be blockbusters. A simple 2 inch fall in Feb 2007 with some ZR was breathtaking.
  6. I remember the first time you told your story of that day, very dramatic . The way you painted the picture it was easy to visualize what transpired. I knew from that post you had the sickness.
  7. Went through some old stuff, posting some pics here, first Jan 05 Dec 05 my front door Dec 03 as it intensified
  8. No fooking s h it, think I like it? been appealing to Wow for days now. before we buy the WRF model we should get the site working on all platforms.
  9. <br /><br />My heart was broken that I would not exceed 100 after that rocking year then this popped up with two days warning and it was touch and go. I was fishing in the AM with gray clouds cool, got caught upstream in a dumper, long cold boat trip back as it was pouring dendrites, loving every minute of it. When I broke one hundred I was doing shots right and left making snow angels and just being stupid, sickness
  10. The forgotten storm of 96 April 10 put me over 100 inches for the year way down in SW RI once in a lifetime snow season, never will forget it
  11. Here's another one for you John Wow, when I click on fast reply with the IPAD in non mobile skin it shuts Safari down
  12. One of the greatest storms of all times that 92 storm, I got to watch the beach destruction then drive a halh hour to North Foster and be in two feet of snow, damaging to the max everywhere
  13. <br /><br /><br />skin messed it all up
  14. 03 was impressive in the rates, longevity, wind, time of year and what made it so special was modeling overnight blew it, waffling back and forth all week , if I remember right.
  15. No Cape Cod This is the best Dec storm ever 2003 shoveled every hour just to relish in the glory of a storm that was predicted that morning to go out to sea 20 plusinches later.....
  16. <br /><br /><br />It's a freaking shredder
  17. Touch screen skin disastah FTL , they are working on it
  18. One last set for Pete Whale back face shot at SR My visit to 2k with Pete , us losers get out once in a while/>
  19. <br /><br /><br />CC 2005 Blizzard of 78 the only pic left Dec last year
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