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  1. 38 minutes ago, kdxken said:

    89/67 at noon. Not a cloud in the sky. It's amazing how much better it feels with  the dew point just a few degrees lower. Today is definitely doable to work outside.



    It's a croaker. 100 in the sun 90s shade

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  2. 51 minutes ago, weatherwiz said:

    Taking apart some wood fencing panels and was going to wear shorts but I elected to wear jeans so I can get the maximum experience of sweat pouring down my legs and jean fabric sticking to every square millimeter of my skin. Afterwards, I’m slowly going to peel them off and enjoy the sweet, Sensual sound. 

    Then naked in the hot tub with your Friends again?

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  3. 1 minute ago, Damage In Tolland said:

    1.06” from the morning storm. Sunny, steamy late morning and afternoon ahead. Enjoy the pool @Ginx snewx

    Hopefully.  It is overflowing lol. Your twisted enjoyment of rainy wet muck is the summer equivalent of I Need Snows enjoyment of dark cloudy days.

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