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  1. 15 minutes ago, NeffsvilleWx said:

    I always appreciated a good thunderstorm in PA. I did not realize how much better they could get until we moved to FL. Near daily storms in early Fall, 2"/hr+ rainfall rates, 1000+ lightning strikes within 25 km, wind gusts -- the whole 9 yards.

    FL weather makes PA weather seem mundane.

    Out here in AZ, the monsoon can be equally impressive...if you manage to get under a good cell. It's not like PA where you get long lines of storms traversing the state. Here they mostly form in the mountains, then drift toward Phoenix metro and build and die along outflow boundaries. 

  2. 7 hours ago, TheDreamTraveler said:

    I like how The Weather Channel is basically denying you access to the site now if you use an adblocker. It's like they don't realize there's dozens of other better sites to go check your weather on lol. It's kinda funny because Wunderground doesn't do that despite being owned by them as well. Like I'm all for supporting sites with their ads as long as the ads aren't intrusive or harmful but it's just funny how they think that's going to make people switch them off

    I don't ever switch my adblocker off. My adblocker tells me how many ads were blocked, and on some sites, it's close to 50.

    Just like sites (mostly news entities) that are behind a pay wall. I just go elsewhere. Screw them.

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