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  1. On 3/23/2023 at 12:25 PM, Maxwell03 said:

    I think this is the only community I know of where the warm season is so widely disliked. You guys are crazy lol.

    This is a cold and snow based weather board in general. Not sure why you're surprised. 

    I, however, am a warmanista and despise winter in general...unless an historic storm is in the offing. 

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  2. 40 minutes ago, Bubbler86 said:

    Makes sense really as an inversion or decouple (different events in some aspects) are usually better when lower.  I was surprised I made it down to 24 so far up.  It was 15 degrees higher just a few miles from me up the mountain. 

    I saw that a lot, where it would be 40 in Tamaqua (800ft) and pushing 60 in Hazleton (1,700ft).

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  3. On 3/17/2023 at 7:14 AM, Voyager said:

    Just think. I single handedly ended the drought out here. The Salt River reservoirs are so full that they are doing dam releases and making the normally dry river bed through Phoenix look like the Susquehanna. 

    Here's a pic from today. It's the I-10 Salt River crossing near Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. It's a normally dry river.  


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  4. 44 minutes ago, Bubbler86 said:

    This is what I am trying to get definition on.  I am hearing that much of the water will run off and the drought is still "on" but local water supplies are refilled for a  period... not sure.   Looks like USGS has most of Arizona off drought right now though other areas of the west are still D1 or D2. 

    From what I'm hearing, Colorado had a decent winter, but for Lake Powell and Lake Mead it would take 10 years of good winters to bring them up to 70 to 80 percent capacity. 

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  5. 16 minutes ago, RedSky said:

    I hope it gets as hot, dry and sunny as Death Valley this was the most miserable cold season in my life.

    And what's amazing is that it's been well below normal out here in Phoenix about 75% of all days since November 5th. 

    I was hoping to revel (and gloat to friends/family) about the nice winter weather, and how I was (not) missing all the snow and cold back east.

    That worked out well... :axe:


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  6. 9 minutes ago, Jns2183 said:

    Hey voyager, curious how much snow the north rim has currently. April 4th through 11th ill be in Vegas, then grand canyon, on way to Phoenix

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    I know for the season that they got more than Flagstaff. As for what's currently on the ground, I couldn't tell you.

  7. 7 hours ago, Albedoman said:

    what a joke 1" in Reading and nearly 8 in at ABE   Give me a break. That run is on drugs. Overdose on heroin model run and Narcan cannot even save it. 

    Not saying you are wrong, but I've seen this scenario with my own eyes. Coming down off the Blue Mountain on 309 into the Lehigh Valley you can see, off to the right, the entire Valley from west of Fogelsville to Bethlehem. A few years back, the eastern half (toward Bethlehem) was white, and the western half was brown. 

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