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  1. Windiest by far here at the moment. I'd imagine Kuchera would have us at about 6' by now.
  2. I would think (hope?) the Susquehanna should fare OK since most of the watershed will not see much if anything. It's the small and mid size stuff that could be problematic.
  3. 85 here. The clouds of pollen coming off our pines is shocking. Walked to the end of my yard and back and shoes were green. Yuck.
  4. WSW issued for New York PA border counties for 5 - 10 through Thursday. Gotta think at least advisories get hoisted for northern PA.
  5. CPC says nada. Looks like something's gotta give...
  6. Yep, High Wind Watch issued for western PA for gusts to 60. Almost surely Advisory level if not the full High Wind product will be issued for the rest of us.
  7. They even bumped up the numbers from yesterday. Absolutely unbelievable. ...BLIZZARD WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 6 AM MDT MONDAY... * WHAT...Very heavy snow and blowing snow. Total snow accumulations of 20 to 30 inches with local amounts up to 50 inches above 8000 feet elevation. Wind gusts up to 60 MPH.
  8. Just for kicks, it's certainly still winter... Blizzard Warning URGENT - WINTER WEATHER MESSAGE National Weather Service Cheyenne WY 1151 AM MST Sat Mar 13 2021 ...HISTORIC AND CRIPPLING WINTER STORM WILL SIGNIFICANTLY IMPACT ALL OF SOUTHEAST WYOMING AND THE WESTERN NEBRASKA PANHANDLE THIS WEEKEND... ...WIDESPREAD BLIZZARD CONDITIONS DEVELOPING LATE TONIGHT INTO EARLY SUNDAY...TRAVEL WILL BE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS OR IMPOSSIBLE OVER MUCH OF THE AREA... ...CONDITIONS UNLIKELY TO IMPROVE UNTIL AT LEAST EARLY MONDAY... ...WINTER STORM WARNING NOW IN EFFECT UNTIL 11 PM MST THIS EVENING... ...BLIZZARD WARNING IN EFFECT FROM 11 PM MST THIS EVENING TO 6 AM MDT MONDAY... * WHAT...Very heavy snow and blowing snow likely. Blizzard conditions developing overnight. Total snow accumulations of 15 to 25 inches, with locally higher amounts in excess of 30 inches possible. Wind gusts up to 55 MPH. * WHERE...Central and eastern Laramie County including the cities of Cheyenne and Pine Bluffs. * WHEN...Until 6 AM MDT Monday. Blizzard conditions are most likely late tonight through Sunday afternoon. * IMPACTS...Extremely dangerous or impossible travel conditions. Whiteout conditions likely in falling and blowing snow. Strong winds may cause extensive damage to trees and power lines. Power outages are likely. Conditions will be life threatening to those caught unprepared.
  9. I have officially hit 12 hours of usable daylight today. If there's one downside of winter, it's that dark at 5:00 PM crap. Actual Time 6:47 AM 5:52 PM Civil Twilight 6:20 AM 6:20 PM
  10. Dang! I want what y'all been getting. My 1/4 mile marker still clearly visible. Hopefully soon!
  11. Squall warning expired. Seemed a bit much at least for me. Never dropped below 1/4 mile. About 3/8 right now.
  12. * Snow Squall Warning for... Lancaster County in south central Pennsylvania... Southeastern Adams County in south central Pennsylvania... York County in south central Pennsylvania... * Until 915 AM EST. * At 828 AM EST, a dangerous snow squall was located along the leading edge of an area of heavy snow extending from near Dover to near Littlestown, moving east at 40 mph.
  13. Advisory issued... 229 PM EST Sun Feb 21 2021 ...WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY IN EFFECT FROM 8 AM TO 3 PM EST MONDAY... * WHAT...Snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 1 to 3 inches, with up to 4 inches possible across the higher terrain along Interstate 81 in Schuylkill County and over Sullivan County. Winds gusting from the south up to 30 mph on the ridges. * WHERE...Portions of central Pennsylvania. * WHEN...From 8 AM to 3 PM EST Monday.
  14. Posted by one of the mets in the MA forum. I vote let's just go with this and close the thread from further discussion.
  15. A lot of you guys are very impressive in terms of weather prediction skills. And I'd imagine most are self taught which is even more impressive. I did 2 years of Meteorology at Millersville before switching majors (Barry Walton era - yikes) and we would draw isobars and isotherms by hand (double yikes). Always interested in weather but some of you really take it to the next level. And yes, a meeting would be fantastic.
  16. Crazy reading the last page or 2 how close so many of us are geographically yet experience such different results this time of year. Whenever covid eases, we should have a gathering. I can only imagine how different most of us are in person versus how we are perceived on this board.
  17. York and Lancaster WSW version - WHAT...Heavy mixed precipitation possible. Total snow accumulations of 5 to 7 inches and ice accumulations of up to one tenth of an inch possible. * WHERE...York and Lancaster Counties.
  18. There's been a lot of understandable frustration with models this winter but just realize what what they are up against...ridiculously complex thermo and fluid atmospheric dynamics coupled with inadequate sampling. Then trying to pinpoint individual feature days in advance from features hundreds if not thousands of miles away. I think it's a miracle they even get close.
  19. WWA was updated down this way from this morning's 2 - 3" to: 208 PM EST Wed Feb 10 2021 ...WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY NOW IN EFFECT FROM 6 PM THIS EVENING TO 9 AM EST THURSDAY... * WHAT...Snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 3 to 5 inches. * WHERE...Portions of south central Pennsylvania. * WHEN...From 6 PM this evening to 9 AM EST Thursday.
  20. Winter Storm Watch issued by LWX for Maryland Mason-Dixon border counties and Chester county on east.
  21. At least we don't have to chase models anymore now that we have the groundhog forecast coming out. That was exhausting.
  22. Man that's crazy. It is pounding here. We're gonna see some weird storm totals from this one.
  23. I think central and eastern Lanco getting some scraps from that and it's not too shabby. I'm back to under 1/2 mile at the moment.
  24. Looks like the bands of doom are approaching Reading dropping SW. If those hold together...holy moly.
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