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  1. A little upglide over the CAD/tuck here Saturday.
  2. The weenie light snows continue right up until go-time for the SWFE/redeveloper Sun/Mon for ENE.
  3. btw...it's on their briefing page. Here's the direct PNS link. http://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=NWS&issuedby=GYX&product=PNS&format=CI&version=1&glossary=1&highlight=off
  4. PNSgate edit: Sounds like an Anthony Weiner scandal
  5. Jerry called him out. There was nothing over 10" reported in Barnstable County and there's a 7.5" out of West Harwich in the PNS. ...BARNSTABLE COUNTY... ORLEANS 10.0 849 PM 2/09 TRAINED SPOTTER MARSTONS MILLS 9.0 831 PM 2/09 HAM RADIO EAST SANDWICH 9.0 929 PM 2/09 NWS EMPLOYEE EAST FALMOUTH 8.5 849 PM 2/09 HAM RADIO POCASSET 8.0 844 PM 2/09 NONE WELLFLEET 8.0 539 PM 2/09 HAM RADIO WEST HARWICH 7.5 906 PM 2/09 HAM RADIO WAQUOIT 7.5 513 PM 2/09 HAM RADIO BREWSTER 7.0 823 PM 2/09 HAM RADIO BOURNE 6.8 335 PM 2/09 TRAINED SPOTTER 1 ENE NORTH FALMOUTH 4.0 514 AM 2/10 COCORAHS
  6. It would be nice to define a blizzard a bit better for modern times. What exactly is "frequent gusts over 35mph?" I understand ASOS isn't perfect in low visibilities, but where do we make the cutoff now? I assume it's 1/4SM or less. Also....the 3hour duration. Obs aren't just hourly anymore. If you get a few minutes of 1/2SM or 3/4SM should it take away from meeting the criteria? For something we, the media, and the public make a big deal about, you would think we could define it better.
  7. Most modeling was solid yesterday. I'm more referring to NYC a couple of years ago.
  8. Some of us have scars from the Euro being a little too quick with development to the SW.
  9. I hear ya, but the s/w is still offshore. There's plenty of time to see this trend toward faster development.
  10. I mean...we had 4 days with snow, but the brunt was over a 36hr span. https://www1.ncdc.noaa.gov/pub/orders/IPS/IPS-70A9A200-E35B-464B-BA7C-0901989F7B33.pdf
  11. The ASOS also has some automated BLSN obs during the 50kt gusts. The ultrasonic is probably icing up or taking on some snow.
  12. I told him closer to 8" than 18". Guess I overshot it too.
  13. Are you dangerous danny davis?
  14. Just had a rogue gust blow all 10" out of the spruce trees. Epic blowing snow for a minute. Ground blizzard ND style.
  15. This is New England. We hope you rain.
  16. 10.4" / 0.72" here...final core was like 9:1 sand. Dad in Hooksett estimating 14". Coworkers in Barnstead and Allenstown told me 7" and 16" respectively.
  17. Yeah...plummeting with the CAA. 14.5F here.
  18. Go time for BOS right now. Yellow pixels.
  19. The best banding is getting the best lift in the DGZ. I had 22:1 in my few hours under it. Of course the sand you guys were getting was probably closer to 9-10:1 at the start.
  20. It's been picking up here for my standards. Getting some blowing and drifting now.
  21. I know right? I'm surprised they give you the 10:1 option. Just go directly to Kuchera and don't pass go.
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