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  1. That's my strongest recorded May gust since moving here.
  2. Just had a gust to 40mph...if it was sited officially it'd probably be 45-50mph.
  3. strange seeing you cheer on the dry conditions considering your grass fetish. And don't even tell me you're not cheering on drought...your predictions are always correlated to the weather you want. You like extremes and a drought is extreme so I guess I can somewhat understand. Hopefully you get your wish and the next 3 months are < 1.00" each.
  4. MET has 88 at CON today and 32 on Thu morning.
  5. Really impressive gradient for this time of night.
  6. Can't believe ALB and the capital district is still 80F+ right now.
  7. I have dews everyday. For the most part they've been low.
  8. No luck here...none in the pink and 5 in the stink.http://www.newenglandwx.com/cam/hourlymovie.htm
  9. It can stop cooling off now. It's cold with that wind.
  10. Pretty cool. Mid 80s at FIT and MU50s in eastern Middlesex.
  11. BD is getting closer. 50s into SW ME now. Feels a bit soupy out there after the little bit if rain last night. Black flies galore. Was chilly this morning with the window fan. Back to COC in a couple days.
  12. Best cell will barely miss me to the north...mini cell is aiming for here. I'll take any rain I can get right now. Pretty breezy here...looks like Scott may have something decent.
  13. Ditto...cell just to my north is producing some visible flashes now. Looks like some possible high winds on velocity around Bristol.
  14. Today was great. Wish we didn't have to BD up here.
  15. We toss BDL's sensor in winter, but it's worth mentioning in the warm season.
  16. Yeah that high is tasty. Looks awesome Wed through the weekend.
  17. 42.9F and OVC off of a low of 39F. Kinda chilly out there for shorts and a t-shirt.
  18. Yeah...apples and oranges compared to CT today.
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