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  1. 7 minutes ago, TalcottWx said:

    I'm playing catch up after never having much interest in this stuff before this week. Let's hope this is a first and last for a long time. It would get old quick on the bad days. 

    Yeah still a lag at the surface but the depth of the smoke layer is decreasing over N CT. You can see the cumulus line popping southward as the insolation increases behind the deep layer. The air is definitely trying to improve through the CT River Valley in S MA though. BAF and CEF are up around the HZ threshold and BDL is 5SM.

  2. 7 minutes ago, TheClimateChanger said:

    Do you really think it will get that hot this summer? Aerosol optical depth was off the charts in May over North America and looks to be even worse in June. There have been numerous pulses of pyroCb lofting the burnt biomass aerosols into the stratosphere already, and its only June 7. Would expect at a minimum regional cooling, if not hemispheric wide cooling, from this event. Wildfire season is just starting.

    I’d plan on installing 

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