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  1. 1 hour ago, mreaves said:

    I guess I’m not sure what this means. 

    Red is the analysis temp by MADIS of what was expected for MPV the last 36 hours. They’re running solidly 5-10° warm there. I see no reason why they should stray so far from their analysis temp given their geography and the strong CAA/mixing we had. 

  2. 7 minutes ago, tamarack said:

    Only in Fort Kent.  Coldest WCI, probably near -70, came on Jan 17-18, 1982.  Next would be Christmas 1980; ignoring the cheap max from the previous evening, that day's temp was -16/-23 with winds 30G45.  A week-plus later, Jan 3-4, 1981, was almost as brutal.  CAR's -16/-27 on the 4th is their coldest max; we had closer to -20/-34, with some moderate SN at -25.  Houlton had some rad and recorded -16/-41.
    Also, NNJ probably reached WCI near -40 early on 12/31/62, with temp -8 and winds about 50G70, strong enough to uproot large bare-limbed oaks.

    Christmas 1980 really flies under the radar with the cheap midnight high. 18° at 5z for CON, 0° at 8z, and -15° at 12z. Then eating dinner at 2pm with an afternoon high of -8°. Then it briefly went calm the following night and they reported -25° although for some reason the ob looks discounted and -19° went in the books. 

  3. 7 minutes ago, Typhoon Tip said:

    I was giving this some thought, that 'specific' concern regarding combination -

    Like I said, the "the advection aspects" - I was including the sustaining wind/gusting in concert at a regional scale.  But as far as at this location/Ayer, there was a nor-easter in 2015 that had 12 hours of winds gusting to 50 mph in occasional milkshake white outs, at 1 F above zero! That's unfortunately countable if doing a straight up comparison.  Also, there was other times in that 2015 stretch where we sustained back side advection with single digit could...  So not as deep in wind chill, but close...and sustained for many hours.  2016 also had temperatures similar to this in that event, though I don't specifically recall the wind chill numbers in that.

    So, like I said...I give this one an edge at a regional scope.  But it's debatable at this local area of N. Middl. Co whether this is the alpha romeo at in the VIP cold class. 

    There was something about this that gave it more bite though. The low dews and wind made any exposed skin feel like it was starting to freeze instantly. I’ve had snotcicles many times before, but I was getting them last night before I even started breathing in. 

    Shorter period of record for FIT, but this almost ran the 24hr record low dew gamut. 


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  4. 4 minutes ago, Ginx snewx said:

    All these wxstation pics with interior temp 60. Toasty 73 here with the pellet stove cranking away.

    I have my stove on the opposite side of the house from the bedrooms. It’s tough to get the heat down the hallway to the other side. The living room is a toasty 75 though. 

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  5. 2 minutes ago, qg_omega said:

    -21 which happens usually a few times a year with good rad conditions so impressive with wind but not impressive overall

    ART went briefly calm and hit -33°. If the region was theoretically calm under this airmass we’d be in the -30s and -40s. (Up here with pack anyway)

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  6. 1 minute ago, JKEisMan said:


    where’s the best/official place to get that info (where do you get it, if I can ask)? And do you have it for dxr. I see a -8 for dxr but conflicts with other recent obs at that site.Thanks.

    I use mesowest, but you just have to know the limitations of the 5-min frequency obs vs the full observation at the hourly METAR time (usually :51 to :54 after the hour). 12z gives the 6hr max/min and DXR had -5. They’re still around that temp so we may need to wait until 18z to see if they sneak a -6 in. But locals here have been complaining about the DXR readings based on obs around it so maybe they’re reading too warm anyway. 

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  7. Just now, BrianW said:

    I was going off this mesowesr site. They have the low at 1.9. I just saw BDR snuck in that-4 at 630. They were pretty locked in at -2.2 with HVN for a long time. 


    We’ve been down this road before, but it isn’t really -2.2. It’s -2 or -3. And given how long they were at -19C they probably snuck a -3 in there. 

  8. 3 minutes ago, mahk_webstah said:

    Hopefully there’s some invasive bugs in species that are being held back by this, particularly in southern New England, were there isn’t snow-covered to protect

    Would be nice, but probably not. I don’t think they saw much of a dent after 2/2016 and we’ve seen those temps they have in the last 5 years yet a lot of those invasive bugs have still been creeping up to NNE. Those parrots in CT may be screwed though. :lol:

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