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  1. Modelology can't be the right way to forecast the weather and this week is proving it. So frustrating...
  2. We need YOU to focus. you can do it you can do it you can do it...
  3. Does anybody have a water (ocean) temp chart for the northeast available easily?
  4. If I'm not gonna get a decent storm it better warm up.
  5. Absolutely! I actually bought a weather radio in the late 70's so I could have the most up to date NOAA forecasts. I was basically hooked after the January and February 78 storms and just had to have one. It also had the marine forecasts so was great for figuring out where to surf or what the winds would be like at the golf courses I played most often. I would sit in my room late at night and listen for an hour straight.
  6. When I was in college in the 1980's we would rip the forecasts off the printer once a day around 7pm (I think.) We were so excited to even have that! Then we would go ahead and hand draw maps based off current obs and extrapolate out and see if our forecast matched or even came close to what the computers were giving us. Can you imagine if some of these modelologists now had to do that?
  7. My memory of using the navgem is that it's pretty good from about 48 hours out.
  8. It's more effective to do an on sides kick
  9. Hopefully this doesn't get seen as an IMBY post but as you reach into northern Westchester the ridgelines start to run N/S and with an E/NE wind direction we tend to have slightly higher snowfall totals so hopefully my southern Putnam location on the east slop of a significant hill gives me closer to a foot than six inches. Ehh, whatever I get is good, in fact less would be ok.
  10. I keep telling myself I won't get invested in this storm until 12z (or later) model runs Wednesday. Not gonna believe that image above
  11. Hmm radar says it's over but... Nope, still coming down at about the same rate it has for the last few hours. I think I actually do have that 1/4" I was thinking might happen earlier
  12. Nice wintry scene outside Just a coating so far but it's trying to be a dusting Who knows, maybe it will add up to 1/4"
  13. And now the sun is peeking through. Time to dry things off before it freezes up later then go for a mt bike ride in the morning while the trails are firm and fast.
  14. I wasn't paying attention today but while I was out and about we were talking about how comfortable it was and I realized the car thermo said it was 52*.
  15. Hopefully the good luck wishes helped, that phone interview went well yesterday. Now I need to wait for the pres of the company to get back from an overseas trip before I find out if I made the next round, the in person, interviews. Hmmph, seems like when a job was just a job it was much easier to get one, now it needs to feed a family and a lifestyle which makes it SO much harder.
  16. That's why I haven't taken it on yet. Slow but, I have a phone interview this afternoon that I hope will lead to an in person one next week. For the last year or so I was seriously thinking about how to make a move from the retail to supply side of my industry and this would do that and I would be able to take advantage of a lifetime of experience doing it so I'm pretty excited. Fingers crossed
  17. ^^ Hey you want to come do some Unilock work around my driveway with me this spring? It looks like you did a nice job with yours
  18. ooh ooh .8" with beautiful dendrites drifting lazily down through an almost sunny sky with patches of blue starting to show through So psyched! My season total is now over 1"!!
  19. It's still snowing, even got a little heavier, and now it's a sun shower with fat flakes drifting lazily down. Looks like a Saturday Evening Post kinda scene Ooh ooh my season total is over 1" now
  20. I thought we were only getting some flurries, guess I should have paid more attention to the potential. I guess it started too late for the schools to call a delay, the buses are gonna have a tough time on the hills...