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  1. I'm gonna need this to tick further South or a stronger CAD to settle in to get it good down here on the outskirts of Northwest Charlotte. Will certainly head up to my parents' house in Northern Carawba Couny though if need be.
  2. No thread until Tuesday at the earliest, no use to have one yet
  3. Sun coming out now around Mecklenburg, just a mixed bag of light precip was all I saw at my house on the west side of the county. Might have missed some heavier stuff though since I didn't wake up until about 8 am.
  4. After a break in precip, I can finally report snow here in the Mt Holly area.
  5. Just got up, I've got light sleet/graupel here at my house north of KCLT.
  6. You underestimate him, he'll be on here complaining how if it was going to rain 8" and flood it should have met the modeled 12"+ total and been historic. I hope not, but at least one person on this board would probably pull that card.
  7. For conversion purposes, 10 mm = 1 cm, 2.54 cm = 1 inch. Yes I have an engineering degree lol.
  8. Exactly, a Cat 4 at that tracks is terrible for the state. Damned if we do, damned if we don't according to how I'm seeing the models. It either skirts the state and we get copious, revord shattering amounts of rain or direct hit that puts much of if not the entire state in hurricane and tropical Storm wind fields coupled with not as record breaking rainfall amounts.
  9. Seems to be over performing here in Indiana, much better radar than I was led to believe but I haven't looked at any models for this so I'm not sure how true that is.
  10. No clue, I'm in Terre Haute, Indiana where wearing a t-shirt is comfortable in 20-degree weather since that's a heat wave compared to -5 to -10 low temps and single digit highs. If I was at home I'd be out enjoying whatever was in my yard snow wise with my dogs since they love it. I get home Friday and I'm sure it'll be gone by then.
  11. Lol, screw Waycross, I mean they can't even do severe weather right! I'd say pull a Hemingway and live in the Keys, Idaho or both!
  12. I literally can't sleep because the bitterness in this thread by some of you is cracking me up. What's even funnier is the swearing up and down to never look at/trust a model again yet everyone of you, with maybe the exception of Shawn for like a 2 week span in the middle of winter when he's fed up once again with how things are going, will be right back to it next storm/year.
  13. Solid meltdowns guys, I think you should call out some mets by username on here too to really take things to a major league meltdown level!
  14. Hey RDU peeps, just an FYI, now that Brandon (Hky_Wx) is there your tides will start turning. He's bringing the northern Catawba County mojo with him I see.
  15. Finally, a good meltdown. Maybe you should move, say to Indiana. Oh wait, you'd just turn around before you got there . At least you had a good chase to Bowling Green!
  16. There can only be one! *cue Highlander theme music*
  17. Dec '02 (I think that's the one) would be a bigger bust than this would if it does bust. WSW for 4-8", maybe a touch more on the lower end of things, and it didn't even precipitate.
  18. Holy ****, Sand Dollar-nado is real . Congrats man!
  19. Those are just ridiculous totals for an event of this total duration. Wish I was on my way home right now instead of Friday. The moisture I'm seeing on simulated radar images is impressive!
  20. Great Obs guys, sucks I'm missing these past two weeks, I'm up in Indiana in the snow and cold but wish I was home so I could enjoy it (get home Friday). Wife says we have about a .5" at home .