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  1. Has anyone read Alex Berenson’s on Twitter about covid? Just terrible stuff.
  2. Wisconsin almost 8k new cases and 40% positive. Not good.
  3. One region that has largely escaped both previous waves is the DC-Baltimore corridor. Today was one of the largest combined case counts for VA+MD+DC since the beginning of all of this. Will be interesting to see how this plays out. In my area mask compliance and social distancing are pretty well followed.
  4. Ugh yeah, what a mess. Really a shame were at this point.
  5. I’d be surprised too, but also we may run way past the number of infections from the spring depending on how the next few weeks go, hard to know though with the limited testing occurring in the spring.
  6. Winds started cranking over here just now.
  7. That’s fine though, wouldn’t wanna blow a -NAO in November. Let’s save it for January and February cause we know that’ll happen....right?
  8. It’s moving so fast you wouldn’t think it would weaken THAT much by the time it gets here.
  9. Looking at the remaining core of Zeta and extrapolating where it’s gonna be, looks like it’ll pass right over us. It still has 60 mph winds its got incredible forward speed, I wonder if we don’t have some gusty winds this afternoon.
  10. New Orleans has a chance of the eye passing right over it it seems. When’s the last time a major American city got directly into an eye?
  11. Neighbor measured 4.2 inches here, seems about right given how much water was in my basement. Might have to bite the bullet and actually get it waterproofed. Anyone have a good waterproofing company that does Montgomery county?
  12. This is Jackson ave in Takoma park.
  13. This is an obscene deluge in Takoma Park.
  14. Looks like maybe a new little couplet by Chevy chase.