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  1. Neighbor measured 4.2 inches here, seems about right given how much water was in my basement. Might have to bite the bullet and actually get it waterproofed. Anyone have a good waterproofing company that does Montgomery county?
  2. This is Jackson ave in Takoma park.
  3. This is an obscene deluge in Takoma Park.
  4. Looks like maybe a new little couplet by Chevy chase.
  5. Decent gusts here in Takoma park. Probably 25-30 mph right now.
  6. Looks like quite a hook on the Baltimore storm.
  7. Down here in Takoma park it’s full sunshine for a while now. Little breeze kicking up which is nice. Feels like a severe day at least.
  8. He was absolutely brutal on hurricane Michael, he was downplaying it downplaying it downplaying it then whoops it was a cat 5.
  9. Dan leathers (state climatologist) was my favorite professor in undergrad. Great guy.
  10. Taste and smell are SLOWLY returning. They were both at 0.0 for like a week and now I can taste and smell some things again. Overall I’m fine though, running 5+ miles a day and doing everything I usually do.
  11. Too much rain, mushrooms everywhere in my yard, it needs some time to dry out.
  12. Leesburg getting a serious deluge
  13. Well that was a pretty fun morning over here. Power flickered a bunch, tons of rain, but winding down now.