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  1. Yeah but after a season like this I’m just done. Of course if something happens I’ll rise from the dead like JC, but hey until then I’ll just hang out here.
  2. Nah, by this time of year I've completely lost interest. It's OVAH
  3. Can’t believe people are posting in the long range thread. It’s time for 60s/70s and daffodils . Even if we get any snow now it’ll be lit on fire instantly by sun angle. No point whatsoever.
  4. Light sleet/graupel in DC at 48 degrees.
  5. Actually looks like a decent event for them.
  6. Our long range thread has just become that one guy who posts snowmaps that show no snow over and over.
  7. We are now getting to the point where the end of the ensembles are getting us to the point where sun angle makes any snow wet and pointless anyway. Anything after like February 20th is vaporized by 10 am the next day unless we have ridiculous cold like 2014. Time to punt this snow season folks!
  8. I just hope we don't have a crazy AN spring tempwise. I hate when it's 90 with a dewpoint of 70+ in early to mid May. We get enough of that over summer. Gimme a few months of 60s/70s before the sauna begins.
  9. That is impressively futile. If there isn't any chance of snow I'm rooting for way AN temps so we can at least enjoy the outdoors.
  10. Sure but also we had a 10+ inch event last January in metro DC which was awesome.
  11. Starting to get that “oh well” feeling to this winter. Funny people let themselves get sucked in by that trash event this Saturday.
  12. I'll be up in the Montpelier area Friday-Monday visiting a friend. It seems like there will definitely be snow on the ground as it seems a few shortwaves will be moving through. Looking at the 10:1 clown maps I see a huge difference vs. the Kuchera maps. Just wondering if those kuchera maps ever pan out up there. I'm really hope to do some cross country skiing and sledding with my kids.
  13. Primary is stronger on this run of the Euro, no bueno for us of course.
  14. Pretty nice event on the GFS, by the time we lose 850s the precip is mostly gone. Looks like thump to dry slot.