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  1. Did you go up there just for the storm?
  2. Did you ski or snowshoe? I've done some snowshoeing and backcountry skiing trips where I've broken trail through like 2-3 feet of snow. It's fun and exhausting.
  3. Yeah. I welcome the end. I'm interested in seeing what this place will be like if we string together 2 or 3 of these years. Imagine not seeing more than an inch of snow for 2-3 straight winters?
  4. Yeah, my wife and I are pretty into outdoorsy stuff (hiking, backpacking, canoeing, skiing, etc) so we've always had our eye on either the northeast (Maine/NH/Upstate NY) or somewhere out west, but at the end of the day it's so hard with the jobs. We both have jobs that we like and at lease somewhat excel at. I'd have to find some other district with a physics or upper level science opening (I'm not willing to teach 9th grade or anything like that anymore) and then I'd have to make sure it has a comparable pension plan. And she works for the EPA so she's got a pretty sweet federal job that's tough to justify leaving. Anyhow, I'll take any further discussion to banter. Back to weather: GFS looks about the same for the midweek deal.
  5. Hey man, I dunno what you teach....but I teach physics in DCPS and the pay is great and they don't threaten to can you yearly.
  6. Severe thunderstorm warning for Canaan and it's 35 degrees there. Could be a severe snow thunderstorm!
  7. High temp forecasts busted significantly this weekend, we were supposed to be near 70 today.
  8. Yeah it sorta feels like this week is our last shot, but I guess we did have some good events in late feb and march in 2015.
  9. At 102 a low is off cape hatteras but it slides east.
  10. That GFS run was criminally boring. Please god let the Euro pop something interesting midweek.
  11. It still tries to form a low off the coast around 114, but it happens a little to late for us.
  12. Yeah, makes sense. I'm just hoping that we can score a little something soon while we're in prime climo.
  13. True, but I think the EPS and op Euro/GFS both looked pretty warm though. But yeah, +7 days.
  14. Yeah and it's hard to take the Para seriously when the GFS, the Euro, and EPS all show a torch during presidents day weekend, not a snow storm.
  15. Nice little snowstorm for us. 2-6 inches, far western burbs with the least, bullseye DC and northern burbs with 5-6.