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  1. Nice storm in takoma park, second in as many weeks. My new sod is liking this.
  2. Dewpoints 76-78 in my neighborhood. SOUPY.
  3. Dews 73-75, sweating 10 minutes into my walk outside, now THATS what I’m talking about.
  4. Yeah dews are 67-69 here, I wouldn’t mind some nice 92 dewpoint 75 kinda stuff next week.
  5. I’m down for some stupidly hot weather. This spring/early summer has been surprisingly comfortable.
  6. I drive through that area en route to the beach and also really enjoy the landscapes and scenery.
  7. Multiple trees down, neighbors trampoline went fully airborne and dented a car. I’m guessing we verified severe here.
  8. Wow and some nice hail too! This storm is wild.
  9. Great storm in takoma park, sheets of rain, some big wind gusts.
  10. Wow it’s legitimately chilly out with the breeze. I for one will take this over the usual June weather any day of the week.
  11. This has to be one of the nicest stretches of Late May/Early June stretches we've had in recent memory. I can't ever remember this many low humidity days.
  12. 90 in takoma park with dews creeping up. Got the AC cranking and the sprinkler on standby for the kids.
  13. Great pic, I’ve been meaning to get up there and hike all those peaks for years.
  14. Yeah makes sense, can’t argue with it really. I think 2 months is about the maximum shelf life on the stay at home order.
  15. Big Larry opening things up!