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  1. 80/76 feels so wrong for October!
  2. NAMs bring the center near New Orleans.
  3. Wow that was quick! I wonder if Nate makes a run at cat 2. Rapid intensification has been the theme all year.
  4. It's amazing how geographical perspectives are so different. I was just in Austin Texas this weekend and it was 87/75 at 10 in the morning. I went running and I almost melted....yet every Uber I got into the first thing they said was how "nice" it was out. I guess when you're used to 100/75 maybe it does feel nice.
  5. And 70,000 people are still without power from Irma. I think it's game over for their power grid for a while.
  6. Euro has some pretty good 850 mb winds over NYC area at 72 hours.
  7. Tucked right in against LI, NHC not buying it I guess, their wed-thur positions are well SE of the euro and U.K.
  8. Cmon though you're telling me you wouldn't enjoy that? That would probably be low end sustained TS with high end TS gusts area wide.
  9. The GEFS locked on to an east coast landfall before the EPS with Irma if I recall correctly...so maybe the GEFS can lead us to the promised land with this threat.
  10. 6z GFS is a Chesapeake bay crusher. [email protected] Joe track.
  11. NBC just had a live feed from Florida city and the winds were very impressive to say the least, certainly looked like legit hurricane conditions, the NE part of this storm appears to be efficiently mixing down the winds.
  12. Irma is looking better to me on the rainbow infrared, colder cloud tops expanding around the core. I'm thinking that's not a good sign for the keys since they eye is barely off the coast.
  13. UK did pretty well with Irma. Had the southern/western track for a while.