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  1. Based on the EURO free maps it looks like it could be a hit for the mountains.
  2. Could be interesting in Oakland, Canaan, Snowshoe, etc. though.
  3. Agree to disagree with you on this. I like looking at all the maps. And I think NorthArlington posting an 850 map for a storm ~100 hours away is very reasonable. The map he posted shows that the GFS thinks it will a colder storm than its previous run. No reason that shouldn't be a part of our board.
  4. My opinion is I wouldn't think twice about it and I'd definitely be going....but that's just me. I'm also the kinda guy who will drive to Canaan Valley in a whiteout to go skiing.
  5. NAM actually looks a little better for the first wave....it at least starts as snow.
  6. GFS warm as anything. Surface freezing never appears to get to DC.
  7. I dunno, we might be beyond the point of a naming. I think the 18z GFS yesterday was our naming.
  8. And toasty.
  9. I was looking at 12z, I deleted the post. My fault.
  10. http://www.twisterdata.com/
  11. Warm layer above 850?
  12. Boom at 45 on the GFS. Probably just setting us up for the eventual let down as the event gets closer though.
  13. It's always good to have your weekend homework done by Saturday morning!
  14. Looks nice for the MD line. Not much snow around the cities.
  15. Thanks.....doesn't look like as many members get us in the blue.