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  1. I actually got to do that in 1993 or 1994 in nyc. It was awesome.
  2. Finally getting some nicer flakes and decent rates. If we can keep this going for a couple more hours I’ll be pretty stoked.
  3. Yeah the immediate dc area really hasn’t gotten into any bands today. It would be nice if we could get in one before it’s over.
  4. Yeah the best part of this one was last night when it seemed possible we could get a semi decent storm.
  5. Looks like an inch in Takoma Park. Anything is good early in the season but it’s a shame the rates never materialized here.
  6. Yeah really pathetic “event” thus far in Takoma Park, MD. We’ll see if we can recover a little respectability with this next band.
  7. Dry slot has reached Takoma Park/silver spring area. Flurries. Never trust the NAMs even within 12 hours of an event.
  8. LWX Radar looking a lot better now, also nice to see the Roanoke Radar showing some better returns as well.
  9. Looks like some better returns about to work through the immediate metro area. Should be fun.
  10. Last night before I went to bed everything was looking pretty good for a nice advisory level event.
  11. I thought we were sitting pretty at 1-3 if not 2-4.
  12. Radar looking pathetic. Go time was supposed to be around now. If we don’t see the radar improve rapidly this is going to be coating-inch deal in dc.
  13. GFS is gross, hope it’s not right. Some precip filling in SE of dc now on the radar.
  14. Not too concerned. Nice cool 850s, decent rates, low sun angle, temps low 30s, we’re good to go.