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  1. Nice euro run, solid minor event for all. Let’s do this!
  2. This has to be one of the coldest November’s on record. In my 11 years in dc I can’t remember any without a major warm stretch of 60s/70s.
  3. Would probably be dropping/steady temps through the day on Thanksgiving which would be nice if it actually happened.
  4. Some pretty robust looking snow showers on the radar look to be dropping into Frederick now. Maybe some quick drops in visibility?
  5. Looks a lot like cold chasing precip on the Euro for us.
  6. Not as good as 6z but still very nice for November. Would sign on the dotted line right now.
  7. Storm went poof on the euro but the 6z GFS looks like a big hit. 6z GFS snowmaps are silly, 10-12 inches for our area.
  8. Euro has DC at 18 degrees for next Wednesday morning, that would be very cold for mid November.
  9. Euro is a go for a light-moderate event with marginal temps for Tuesday. Would be fun.
  10. Wow just found out pivotal weather has the euro for free, and it loads fast. Game changer.
  11. I’m quite impressed with these pregame winds, getting some nice 30-60 second periods of sustained 25-30.
  12. Just had probably a 35-40 mph gust.
  13. That’s a lot of tornado warned storms on the NC/VA border.
  14. Winds starting to crank out in front, easily gusting 25-30+ now.