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  1. Man this would be an OUTSTANDING winter storm. Let’s hope we can do this at 26 degrees in January.
  2. This would be a nice thump in winter.
  3. Gosh darn it’s dry and terrible out. We need a week of rain and then some legit fall cool air.
  4. Has any place ever been in the eye/eyewall of a cat 4/5 for as long as this?
  5. Anyone see any mammatus clouds over dc/Montgomery country? Looked like some around takoma park.
  6. With a weird shaped coastline it could be even more than 50%
  7. Looks like it’s game over for grand Abaco, slow moving cat 5. Worst case scenario for them.
  8. Wow that is a hell of lightning show even from Takoma Park!!
  9. Wow we must’ve mixed efficiently, dews down to the low 60s and temps in the mid to upper 90s around me.
  10. Nice storm in takoma park, swirling winds probably gusting 40-50, heavy rain.
  11. I drove back from the beach today, and my car thermometer which is pretty accurate (have checked it against reliable stations and it’s usually within a degree) was between 98-102 from just before the bay bridge all the way to takoma park on the beltway. Was 100-101 around Annapolis.
  12. Back to 98/99, maybe a late save?