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  1. This was shared by the Mid-Atlantic river forecast center on Facebook. Interesting statistics how bgm went from a record low winter last year to record high this year! Now I want ask if there are any brave souls who would want to write a ku equivalent (volume III?) for seasonal records instead of certain storms...
  2. I stepped away from the forums at the wrong time. Thank you whoever programmed the like buttons!!!
  3. Wow! How does that compare to what you had last week up that way? Did you beat it? lol
  4. Interesting Bay effect enhanced banding over the Chesapeake.
  5. Even I am seeing wet mood flakes this A.M., just hopefully not the last of them this spring.
  6. Kind of like the postponement of the preseason scrimmage last year?
  7. I wish I could +1 some of these without clogging the thread.
  8. Petition for thumbs up / thumbs down buttons for each post! (for when emoticons are not good enough or clog threads...)
  9. I'm sure some of you get tired of hearing "when was the last time x happened?"...but I'm convinced that analogs are becoming a big thing for the future of nwp. The following chart says it all. If we go super +enso, we'd (again) be in unseen territory! No two strong nino events have ever occurred within 5 years of one another. There were a few moderate ninos squished together with 63-66 and 86-88 from a quick glance, but it's interesting to see the stronger ninos of those years were after the slightly weaker moderates. Good data from that site! http://ggweather.com/enso/oni.htm
  10. We're no longer in storm mode right? The difference between reporters and scientists is reporters look for anomalies in people while scientists look for anomalies in nature. Throw in politics and CWG-AP is what we get!
  11. A random thought to add is if we use snow-maps we should compare them more often with as many different sites as possible for each model run especially when the rain/snow line comes anywhere close to our cwa. Excellent points being made by everyone!
  12. Those departures are nothing any of us should be proud of!
  13. Is anyone accumulating or is that sun angle...
  14. NE D.C. should have fun with it based on radar trends. That thing blossomed out of thin air (and lower pressure).