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  1. Finally, some freeware worth writing a website with! https://btrwx1.wixsite.com/btrwx
  2. That was me a couple weeks ago. Happy birthday!
  3. I second that first line all the way!
  4. Being on the water front would be nice, though the metro walk would be tough for people who decide that option. Google maps shows 1.2 miles to the water front. I sadly don't get down to Old Town all that often. Here's some reviews from Yelp for lunch places closer to the metro. I plan to attend either way. I was skimming through option #2 from the list. https://www.yelp.com/search?start=0&cflt=restaurants&attrs=GoodForMeal.lunch&find_near=king-street-old-town-metro-station-alexandria
  5. That mdr near Africa has been rising and falling back and forth as rapidly as I've seen previously!
  6. What am I missing?
  7. How long will Denver snowfall accumulations count towards the contest? Would "Christmas in July" weather count?
  8. Should we prepare for another May deluge? eta: sucks if you live along the Great Mississippi.
  9. This is going in banter, because it's not about our sub-forum region. A relative of mine living near this flood threat zone in Upstate New York brought this to my attention and there's a possibility/speculation that government actions caused the high water levels along Lake Ontario! Locals claim that a recent "Plan 2014" legislation to protect wetlands throughout the region failed to account for Lake Shore communities! There's now a localized State of Emergency that was declared. Crazy stuff going on! http://www.newyorkupstate.com/buffalo/2017/04/high_lake_ontario_water_levels_scare_sodus_point_and_other_communities_video.html Do we have any hydrology experts?!
  10. The one other idea I thought of is maybe a completely symmetrical dines compensation scenario where the horizontal distance between a super strong low and high pressure system was exactly the same as the height of the tropopause. Highly unlikely, but I too wonder the possibility?
  11. Wouldn't hydrostatic balance imply that the horizontal pressure gradient force would need be 0 for them to be equal? Here's a fun tool. http://www.shodor.org/os411/courses/_master/tools/calculators/pgf/
  12. Active Atlantic season during nino? MDR sstas are on the rise never stood a chance.
  13. "Alexandra area"? Not cool!