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  1. The lower level conditions from ensembles often seem to lag to me.
  2. I like how these particular images are within a more reasonable time period for ensemble means. I'll be sure to bring winter back with me from upstate New York 10 days from now.
  3. I thought about saying something in the long range thread, but I can't afford a weenie suicide mental breakdown. The medium range is still February anyways.
  4. I hope I can screenshot this figure without issues from the author. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1256/qj.02.200/pdf
  5. Sorry about the banter I had to quickly delete. This is no place for what I said. It's an interesting thought and I also remember reading about that!
  6. BWI was .8" less than DCA in 1932! Amazing. http://www.weather.gov/media/lwx/climate/bwisnow.pdf
  7. Here are some additional notes about the timing of that March's snow. From the following images, the cold appears to have penetrated into the eastern U.S. during the two week period between March 6 to March 14 in 1932. Late March returned to above normal temperatures unfortunately, but that one snow event around March 7, 1932 has an interesting look... March 4, 1932 (still warm) March 5, 1932 (more seasonal) March 6, 1932 (transitions phase) March 7, 1932 (winter returns) March 8, 1932 (excellent negative anomalies) Mid - late March 1932 (fun while it lasted) and my future thesis! (strong low height anomalies over east coast around March 7, 1932!)
  8. After watching JB's weekend summary I decided to do some digging to see how rare our pattern this winter has been. I came across just one single analog when monthly soi values trended similarly from moderately + to slightly negative from early to mid autumn then slightly positive for early winter. Here is what I came up with! From macro to meso each map for November through January... 10mb strat NOTES: Both show lower heights over the Pacific Northwest with north pole stratospheric warming...edge stuff is likely noise 2016-2017 and 1931-1932! (DCA has 4" snowfall in March) 250 mb Jet Stream Correlations: warm pool south of the Aleutians, low heights over the far pacific northwest, above normal heights over eastern U.S. and eastern Europe NOTES: anomaly over Greenland 2016-2017 1931-1032 500mb center of the action! NOTES: almost identical correlations and anomalies as 250mb 2016-2017 1931-1932 1000mb (imby aloft) NOTES nearly identical correlations again, but an anomaly over Siberia... 2016-2017 1931-1932 Precipitatable Water NOTES: Slightly more moisture over the eastern U.S. during 1931-1932 2016-2017 1931-1932 CONUS Temps NOTES: overall torch with anomalies of lower heights over the western U.S., higher heights imby (wow!) and stronger overall gradients in 1931-1932 interestingly 2016-2017 1931-1932
  9. Maybe the epo can become our friend again?
  10. F for premature grading!
  11. I'll go out on a limb and say it might not be as tough for some of you to get that next month.