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  1. That's exactly what happened this past winter. Any signals for next winter will likely be nearly nonexistent until at least autumn and until one of the long-range signals un-neutralize.
  2. ~9:00 Wallops launch! Scratch that, again! https://www.nasa.gov/feature/wallops/2017/nasa-sounding-rocket-will-release-early-morning-artificial-clouds0lighting-up-the-mid-atlantic-coast-may-31
  3. I'm glad to have met a younger clone of myself...similar mindset, same degree program, same school. George, you're going to do great things!
  4. Right by the door
  5. Still here?
  6. Sign me up!
  7. Would a Russian hack change your mind? #banter
  8. Some things don't change. Scary irony here! https://www.vencoreweather.com/blog/2017/6/5/1030-am-the-most-important-weather-forecast-of-all-time-d-day-june-6-1944 "Based on their knowledge of English Channel weather and observations, the British forecasters predicted stormy weather would indeed arrive on June 5th. The American meteorologists, relying on a differing forecasting method based on historic weather maps, instead believed that a wedge of high pressure would deflect the advancing storm front and provide clear, sunny skies over the English Channel. Captain Stagg had to make the final call and he sided with his fellow British colleagues and recommended a postponement. Captain Stagg predicted good prospects for a favorable break on the 6th of June and for heavy bombers to be able to fly during the preceding night. As a result, General Eisenhower decided to postpone the operation for 24 hours to June 6th."
  9. Sure it's possible, but ensembles haven't been as friendly either as far as verification goes.
  10. This year's guidance has been as bad as can be considering the progress being made otherwise.
  11. You know how I feel about the goofus at range.
  12. Anyone who thinks that's what's coming doesn't understand nwp...(not directed at anyone)