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  1. 43 minutes ago, BullCityWx said:

    Yeah not bad trends at all. Day 7.5 snow as well for much of NC. 

    That's the s/w that the 18z run on Feb 3 bombed out.  Not out of the realm yet. If the PV can kick out a little faster and the PNA ridge a little stronger...


    2/3 18z same time


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  2. 34 minutes ago, AsheCounty48 said:

    Just did a shot of Captain Morgan with the GFS. good times ahead for 50% of the modeling haha

    Heh, I'm having a rum and coke right now.  Funny how we forget that nearly every storm is like this.

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  3. GFS stepped back some from the 6z craphole.. It has a problem wanting to wrap up the PV too far west .. need to see it more elongated and building closer to the 50/50 benchmark like the Euro and the previous GFS runs (ala the glorious 2/3 18z run).  The Euro actually looks close to that run..

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  4. The problem with Sunday is the northern wave with accompanying arctic high has trending slower so it only has marginal in-situ sfc cold air to work with so i think it going limit the snow to higher elevations even if the precip from the southern wave makes it up here.

    If the northern wave pushed through first it's a different story.. it's all about how fast the HP moves in to determine which southern waves are going to make a big play.

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  5. Oh i'm liking the looks of this now with the Euro keeping on track.  Two good shots here.. Ideally, I'd like the first wave to slow and string out to allow a weak wave move across to minimize WAA and have a classic overrunning storm for the mtns & piedmont.  Then top it off with wave #2 which will most definitely be a classic Miller A mover with that strong confluence zone forcing the sfc low to move from the gulf coast up the SE coast. :D 

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