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  1. Guess we're just going to delete posts as we see fit now. Another one who absolutely despises freedom of speech.
  2. My freedom is, of course, still well intact but you're also free to play authority figure on your own forums whenever it tickles your fancy.
  3. You've taken a "vaccine" that you admit doesn't stop contraction or spread of the disease. I'm dumb?
  4. Not sure how one can take a loss on a weather forum but...at least I'm capable of granting myself the freedom to do what I wish. And I'm not even "vaccinated".
  5. I don't have any problem. I'm not currently altering my behavior whatsoever in light of a "pandemic". You are, and you're the one who's taken the "vaccine".
  6. I thought getting the vaccine was what one had to do in order to demonstrate that they care about others. Now, we have to continue to isolate ourselves and let each other "be", even after vaccination? Why? Either the vaccine prevents the illness or it does not.
  7. How is it a vaccine if even after receiving it you can still catch the disease and spread it to others?
  8. Why would a vaccinated person be waiting on "post pandemic" to simply get together with some friends? That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
  9. You would imagine this would include commenting on what they want, you know? No harm in someone reading something they might not entirely agree with or even disagree with entirely. That's the point of a discussion.
  10. Oh...you're not vaccinated?
  11. On a discussion forum? Um...ok, I guess. I just haven't seen anyone express that they're waiting on "post pandemic" to do what they want since about 15+ months ago.
  12. You know...you're more than welcome to get together with friends and family tonight or even tomorrow if you'd like. You don't have to wait until Fauci or someone gives you the green light.
  13. That's really what it is, I guess. I'm tired of sweating like crazy every time I leave the house. Not the case this early evening, however. 70 and low humidity. Absolutely perfect.
  14. Needs to stay gone. It's September 10th. Time for crisp, fall weather. I can't understand the mindset of someone who wants excessive heat after August.
  15. Don't have any interest in seeing 80+ again this entire year. It's time for fall weather.
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