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  1. Right around the one minute mark you can see the manufacturing building with a lot of cars in the parking lot. There re reports that there was a large building that collapsed where there was a mass casualty situation.. I think thats it.
  2. I agree. When I saw it on google news this morning, I gasped at "100 dead". My initial thought was a false flag, but there is no way they can fake this shit. This is absolutely horrific.
  3. How the street cleaned off so fast? Seems so neat an tidy.. and they are just letting everyone drive through. So surreal.
  4. He had to throw it side arm to get it around Watt.. I think maybe he could have lobbed it over watts head.. Watt was the difference all day long. I totally respect the 2 point decision and I feel like the Ravens showed a lot of guts today. Great game!
  5. Awesome! Will be heading down to Fells Point to see if it comes over the banks!
  6. yup.. it was very misty like. We were walking around Centennial Lake at night time and had the flashlights on our heads. The flash lights illuminated it. I have seen flurries at 48 degrees before so I thought maybe it was possible. Given no one else reported it, it was probably just the that ^^
  7. I think I saw snow flakes in Columbia. Is that possible?
  8. A lot of signs pointing toward the Nov 7-10 period for our first flakes. Maybe even a measurable snowfall north and west of the cities.
  9. yeah.. big boomers in Ellicott City. Its really pretty out there.
  10. Oh man. I am so happy.. I think I am gonna just go to bed instead of trolling trixie in OT
  11. That was hands down the best performance by any quarterback I have ever witnessed play for a Baltimore Team. 22 unanswered points.
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