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  1. Fells point has been completely destroyed.. I dont understand how this could happen..
  2. Why? The movies are fun and we really should be supporting that industry to help it rebound.
  3. I dont understand how france and spain and australia etc etc etc get to have their nba ringers. NBA players should be on the USA team only. We pay them.
  4. If someone plays for the NBA.. they should only be allowed to play for the US Olympic Team. This competition we are seeing on the international theater is not indicative of reality.
  5. Exactly. I have a lot of faith in the Vaccine. Based on the data coming in appears that people who have had the vaccine and get a breakthrough case, then they will likely have milder symptoms. That they have a much lower case of being hospitalized than someone who has not been vaccinated. This vaccine is truly groundbreaking and unprecedented. to me.. being vaccinated and still wearing a mask diminishes all of these accomplishments... its a symbolizes the opposite of progress and strength.
  6. The sign in front of the store says if you are not vaccinated you still need to wear a mask.. however if you are vaccinated, then you dont need to wear one. According to my information, the vast majority of the severe cases of covid are people who are not vaccinated. And that break through cases are rare and usually mild. So if you are telling me that Howard County has a high vaccination rate, then the misinformed are the the people in Ellicott city walmart who are vaccinated and still wearing a mask are.
  7. At the Walmart in Ellicott City today and many more unvaccinated people than vaccinated people.. A LOT more. Its so weird too.. there is no shortage... you can walk in to any pharmacy anywhere and get the shot... yet most people in Howard County are unvaccinated.
  8. Okay.. so my dad who is 73 years old, lives in Rosedale and who's hobby is the weather.. just told my mom that that storm was the worst storm he ever saw in his life. I guess we dont have any representation from that side of Baltimore county here
  9. I am in ocean city.. but I heard Eastern Baltimore County really got hit hard with flooding rains. Can anyone confirm?
  10. We just decided to that we are gonna buy a new home this spring.. I am thinking Georgetown Delaware or Berlin MD. I want to be close to the ocean... but I want to live just outside the high dollar vacation communities! In terms of retirement, my plan is to retire in to the federal government. i have been a contractor for 12 years now and it has become very clear that you can get a fed job and not really do anything. Maybe do like 2 or 3 meetings a day and send some emails or something and you can get a comfy 6 figure salary with really good benefits.
  11. Oh my.. my mother was just admitted to sheppard pratt for 2 weeks of electrocution therapy. Send prayers.
  12. What kind of work do you do (i you dont mind me asking :))
  13. There is probably some potential maximum that is right around the 130 mark... so its cool to be able to observe it! if they had those sensors peppered throughout that region for the last several hundred years I am sure that they would have seen regular 130 readings. I guess also with sunspot activity, that max might fluctuate.
  14. OMG!!! @Mrs.J thats my cat T. I need to upload a picture.. but they are identical!
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