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  1. I think I saw snow flakes in Columbia. Is that possible?
  2. A lot of signs pointing toward the Nov 7-10 period for our first flakes. Maybe even a measurable snowfall north and west of the cities.
  3. yeah.. big boomers in Ellicott City. Its really pretty out there.
  4. Oh man. I am so happy.. I think I am gonna just go to bed instead of trolling trixie in OT
  5. That was hands down the best performance by any quarterback I have ever witnessed play for a Baltimore Team. 22 unanswered points.
  6. Oh nevermind.. it is just @NorthArlington101.. he just doesnt like football..
  7. Can someone explain to me why Brady is getting booed in New England?
  8. In the past you would have been able to recite the names between L and S.. but in recent years there have been so many more depressions being inappropriately upgraded to storms that you get these crazy seasons... 2004-2005 were big seasons. 2020 -2021 is about policy and funding. I guess more storms mean more money..
  9. you can negotiate a payment plan with their automated system. I have done it twice now! I owed $52,000 last year...
  10. oh wow.. I feel bad now for yelling at the secretary at my kids school when they closed early. I thought it was a COVID thing and I sort of lost it on her.. then she said.. its because of the weather.. and I felt like an ass..
  11. I am heading down now to assess the damage!
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