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  1. I remember the last great over running event , my mother died the next morning, got almost 2 ft
  2. thanks, I don't post very much so I appreciate your comments
  3. aw I don't consider it a worry, more like a joyous event considering how much snow we have had so far, I don't know what a SER is, there is always something wrong to us getting snow, but WTH
  4. well son of a gun, now we have a ku to possibly track
  5. are you talking about epic cold like 77,, or 93 I believe?? the bay froze in 77 and 93 also
  6. what is the precipice type for the 2nd storm??
  7. after all the posts of 500 mb driving factors lining up to give us a chance of snow, there is mostly 1 or 2 factors that don't and we end up with little or nothing. That is the story of winter in the MA. And that doesn't count the storms we get that aren't forecast correctly, like the blizzard of 66 the for 5 days, wasn't going to affect us
  8. he has lived there for 50 years and he has no complaints
  9. my friend , who loves snow, moved to Harrisburg and is quite content.
  10. and the rest of the GFS run is rain-an inland runner and a cold front.- and that takes us to the 18th. I'm realistic about our snow chances regardless.
  11. curious Anthony Masiello @antmasiello Replying to @antmasiello The SSW is far-reaching and affects every other thing you hear about in medium range forecasting. It's, again, like the ENSO of subseasonal forecasting. It reshapes the playing field in which the synoptic scale features evolve within. were all hoping that, as a result of SSW, cold and snow will be the end result of this paradigm going on in our atmosphere, except..... dec30 2020
  12. Mild Conditions May Prevail Across Much of U.S. for First Three Months of 2021 The Weather Channel - December 16, 2020 Temperatures across much of the United States will be milder than average for the remainder of winter and into the start of spring, according to the latest outlook issued by The Weather Company, an IBM Business.
  13. why bother how many posters can remember back to 60 or before edit maybe ustedtobe but that maybe a mistake also