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  1. Reporting in from Plant City area. No power, windy night. Camper still dry and unharmed in the driveway, likely due to the house blocking the worst winds. Weather station on the back fence logging max peak gust of 43.2. Very, very lucky. .
  2. City of Tampa is now offering sandbags .
  3. Well that red line is through my backyard .
  4. Charley said hold my beer climo in August 2004 .
  5. 10 days with no power post Irma. We are prepared but I’d rather not.. .
  6. I’m in eastern Hillsborough county, watching closely .
  7. Well, I’m supposed to be towing a camper from east Tampa to west of Jax on Saturday, heading to Savannah but the timeline may have to be flexible. .
  8. Luckily it was the storm window, no water got inside. It did it’s job though! Woke up to the crash, was glad it wasn’t a branch on my car or anything like that. All good .
  9. I'm in an old 1940s or 1950s bungalow and the exterior pane of glass and screen came off my window and landed on the AC unit outside last night. That's the extent of my excitement from Fred.
  10. I'm up in Fort Rucker, AL visiting family (instead of home in Hillsborough County, FL) . Two hours due north of Panama City, FL. Winds are definitely a little gusty, sideways rain. Lots of little debris down, hopefully my car outside will not have any issues. Predicted to get the most rains 1-3am I think. The hotel left lanterns in our room.
  11. All good here. Didn't lose power, slept through most of it. Heard the most rain and wind around 2-3am. Still gusty now but I think more rain was to the east and west of us. Lucky indeed.
  12. Hurricane screens are down. Generator is ready to go. near the Thonotosassa area, East Hillsborough, about a mile north of I-4. No rain yet. We're gonna find out how a travel trailer camper does in the driveway. Fresh water tanks are full, adds about 600lbs
  13. Eastern Hillsborough county here, between Tampa and Orlando (I-4 corridor), keeping a close eye. Trying to decide on the hurricane screens. What direction would the winds be coming from? My house faces North .
  14. On the I-4 corridor near Plant City, very gusty right now, tons of rain. Hope I don’t have a travel trailer full of water outside in the AM. Didn’t get bad here until about 9pm, but power still on. Looks like we are in a band at the moment. .
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