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  1. mranger48

    April 7-8 2018 jinx

    I’m down at my shore house in ocean city, md. Would be weird to see flakes here regardless but definitely bizarre in April .
  2. Can’t help but think how the radar matches the latest euro qpf output signature .
  3. Well ewr was at 5.5” at 4:30 i believe. I’m In jersey city and I’m over 6”...posters in Manhattan reporting the same .
  4. Over 6” jersey city. Coming down good too..sticking to roads. .
  5. A few meteorologist, including DT on Twitter, seem to be keying in on a possible east coast snow AFTER next weeks storm or nonstorm, next weekend .
  6. mranger48

    March 12th - 13th Scraper

    I don’t think I have ever seen a secondary cluster (such as the one north of Bermuda) so far away from the mean and skewing like it is, in this time frame. I mean hey, they could end up being more right than the western cluster. However, if they are dead wrong, I wonder how much further west the mean would be if they were omitted. This is in reference to hr 66 .
  7. mranger48

    March 12th - 13th Scraper

    Jesus Christ. Posts like this are obscene. That’s all u have to offer then don’t post. Northern stream seemed to dig a little more .
  8. Ugh 3 margaritas deep in ft Lauderdale and ur still...what’s the word______. .
  9. I’m in ft Lauderdale. Water spilled onto A1A in some spots during the morning high tide .
  10. mranger48

    Bomb Cyclone Obs Thread, March 1-3 2018

    Rain/sleet/snow mix down in Perth Amboy. More rain but more frozen in heavier echoes...was the same theme down the turnpike from jersey city .
  11. mranger48

    Bomb Cyclone Obs Thread, March 1-3 2018

    Somehow amazingly snow/sleet splattering on the windshield with the raindrops in Jersey City .
  12. Thank you isotherm for the clear explanation. Two questions: 1. When would you expect we begin to see your thoughts start showing up on the ensembles, as they adjust to this SSW event? 2. May I ask, what is it that you do? I’m really curious. You are one of the most articulate and semantically gifted posters on this forum. .
  13. mranger48

    February 2018 Model thread

    Additionally...I recall a poster or met a few years back claiming that higher heights over Bahamas/northern Caribbean as a low heads into the northeast is a major ice storm signal. Any truth to that? It may have been Larry cosgrove actually .
  14. mranger48

    February 2018 Model thread

    Thanks for the map. How is that compared to 12z gefs (I know I know. I can already hear forky “when will people stop looking at snow maps”. ) Just for good measure ...more progressive. Less digging. Lower heights out ahead. War further east. Trough further east. ...not by much but it is an ensemble 🤷‍♂️ .