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  1. Radar def supports heaviest echoes going well north of my latitude, not speaking for ulster county but radar looks to be pretty dry down here after this initial slug and hrrr and nam supports that. 3 k and 4 k are a bit better tho
  2. From what I see on the radar and the newest model runs is it's not warm air that will be the problem down here but simple fact that precip is moving to north and there's not much qpf anymore. Nam and hrrr are pretty dry down here and radar supports heavier rates going north
  3. You see no shot at some back door snows from the bombing coastal. I see NWS mentions it as a wild card for east areas
  4. Was going to say nam looks great tap north. Mod snow to a drizzle then back to snow showers as the low pulls away.
  5. New hrrr to me looks all snow north shore on north.
  6. Ya I'm pretty south, I'm in northern westchester so I think I have mixing problems which will limit me during the initial surge. We'll see.
  7. East of river so close this run to getting into some coastal bands early Monday morning. That could pad some totals east of river. Sometimes those outer bands are modeled to Far East. We'll see if that's anything more than scattered showers in dutchess Putnam westchester
  8. How are roads down that way? finished with 11.1 here. Took a drive and Seems like a solid rock layer of slush on the roads here that they can't scrape off. Blowing snow not helping either. Even though snow has been long gone, I bet most schools in the Hudson valley are delayed or even some of the city schools like Mr Vernon and Yonkers closed tomorrow
  9. I live nearby in westchester county ny. Would be tough to see that go by but atleast we have a shot at accumulating snow and not a total whiff. Hopefully can get this to trend a little more south on Monday morning
  10. Ya we should rip for next 30 mins but she's finally moving fast to the east
  11. What are you at total in croton? I'm in Yorktown, nearing 9 inches. Thought there would be more south. Saw white plains reporting over a foot and tarrytown nearing 11. Radar pretty good over westchester right now
  12. Ya it's ripping here again in westchester. Not far off from heaviest of storm. Only thing is, we had about 20 mins where the sun peaked thru and the roads got down to wet pavement. Looks like April outside. Pouring snow but main roads just wet and trees, driveways and snow piles rapidly accumulating
  13. Do we think these bands will pivot down westchester or am I going to watch heavy snow to my north and south
  14. Albany over 5 inches at the university. Heavy stuff way west. Nervous in westchester I subsidence with band to my north and deepening storm to my south.