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  1. The national weather service has a HWO for sleet with light accumulations. So they are mentioning it.
  2. Home of the Little league world champs
  3. The golf course near my lake cabin in deposit ny just tweeted they measured 37 still falling heavily
  4. Finally moderate snow again
  5. Oh no I had some sleet from 11 until 2. I've had nothing but pixie dust since about 2. I snow blowed at 230 and my driveway is still bare. About 1/2 inch of pellets /dust since 2. Prob about 1.5 inches of sleet and dust on top of the 13 inches of snow I had. I'm telling you it has been bone dry here since 230. I think hitman can vouche for that.
  6. I wonder how you guys out west keep seeing her redevelop and nothing can even last to be a spritzer when it gets just 20 miles east in Rockland. Nothing falling from the sky currently. The straight dryness since 1130 has left a sour taste in what was a good storm.
  7. Agreed, radar even starting to look semi decent but it's not happening down here. Pixie dust since 1030
  8. Hrrr is doing a great job north of bear mountain but it's continuing to overdo it south of there. I just can't beat the dry air down here. I've only added an inch of sleet and snow since 1030.
  9. 13 in verplank, more like south of tarrytown
  10. I know, had 4 inches from 930 to 1030 but that was really the only epic hour of this storm. Had a 50 gust too. Thought it would last longer. Have 12 on ground and I'm dry slotted, very light sleet falling, hoping Rgem and HRR verify which still focus a heavy band over the river in a bit.
  11. Rgem and hrrr still seem to like Hudson valley, maybe the slot will fill in for us down here
  12. NW of suffern I'm north of suffern in stony point and I'm dry slotting. Intensity way down
  13. I think we dry slot down here. 12 on ground so I can't complain
  14. Wow I don't have anemometer but I'm going to say I just had a 50 mph gusts. Anyone else in Rockland confirm?
  15. All snow in Rockland... can't see across street... HRR is 12-20 additional Ossining north. If that verified everyone north of the TZ is 18 plus. I've got 9 on ground