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  1. 36 minutes ago, Stebo said:

    Or if you are going to post something at least post why and multiple progression maps, just a random zomg map says nothing.

    I will say this, Not everyone is on the same level. I am still learning and come to these boards to learn and even debate different view points.  Please take into consideration when new comers come and post

  2. 18 hours ago, StormfanaticInd said:

    Friday is kinda sneaky but I see you.:ph34r:

    All the ingredients to the potential for widespread moderate to
    heavy rain and isolated severe thunderstorms on Friday as a cold
    front slides southeast across central Indiana Friday and Friday
    evening courtesy of an approaching sharp upper trough and surface
    high pressure over the Rockies and High Plains.
    Modest to moderate low level 35 knot jet pointing in from western
    Kentucky will bring in precipitable water amounts to the 99th
    percentile for this time of year. This will combine with strong deep
    layer shear of over 50 knots and low level shear near 50 knots to
    support the potential of isolated damaging winds despite only weak
    instability. 115 plus knot upper level jet streak lifting northeast
    around the base of the trough over northwestern Indiana or
    northeastern Illinois late Friday supports moderate to heavy rain.
    Thus, 90 plus percent PoPs look good for Friday with rain moving
    east into Ohio overnight Friday night and Saturday morning. Look for
    rainfall of half an inch to over an inch over most or all locations
    Friday and Friday night.
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