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  1. What a terrible start to March. Really cold. Our daytime highs seem to be at night. Just the timing. The outlook doesn’t look great. The days of above average temps are associated with rain, with backside cold and wind.
  2. Anyone know if there are any graphics like this for Canada?
  3. I actually enjoy shoveling as it’s a great core body workout.
  4. In the subdivision capital of Canada (aka Kitchener) where your drive way is the same size as your front yard....very very doable.
  5. I put the KW snow total at just under 6 inches. I say about 95% of it fell at night in the dark.
  6. I live in a Subdivision where your next door neighbor’s house is 3 feet away. You can jump from roof top to roof top for as long as you can see. I don’t know where people are going to shovel their driveway snow. The mounds are already 5 feet high and we haven’t had a big snow in 50 days until now.
  7. I deleted my post. Had a few beers and made a poor attempt at humour.
  8. Save some of this juicy precip for the guys further upstream!
  9. I’ve been in the area since May 2018. Almost 3 years. Two boomer snow storms in a week would easily top it for me.
  10. Should be a nice storm. I thought this would completely miss us a few days ago. I think we will have the deepest snowpack of the season after this. Another possible shot towards the end of the week too.
  11. Southern Ontario getting laped in 2021. He’ll Louisiana is now catching up.
  12. Crazy that this 3+ inch snowstorm drought is happening. We were on such a roll in November and December. Now at 47 days without a 3 inch storm. The Sunday system is gone and the Tuesday system is way east. We are likely going to hit 50+ days.
  13. I’ll take what the Canadian and GFS are selling Saturday night into Sunday.