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  1. 0.75” fell yesterday. Very nice slow and steady. Took it all in. No runoff.
  2. According to Environment Canada, Kitchener hasn’t had measurable rain since May 4th. 6.2 mm (0.24”) of rain for the month of May so far.
  3. It’s bone dry here. Visible symptoms of drought are just now being expressed as warmer temperatures moved into the area. I can’t remember the last 0.25” rain.
  4. Yuck. Take me back to April. Close to freezing each night for the foreseeable future.
  5. One of the worst weather predictions for today from weather.com. The forecast was for persistent rain most of the day. No rain. And was sunshine throughout. I mean zero rain and hardly any clouds. Phenomenal day.
  6. The GFS says that parts of Ontario may hit 80 degrees next weekend. Too bad that part of Ontario is about 1000 miles away from me.
  7. Golf courses are closed in Ontario. That’s so god damn dumb. Courses have so many precautions in place. You don’t even need to touch the pin anymore. Outdoor pro shops. No practice greens. Im so disappointed.
  8. Gonna clip the tips on the lawn tomorrow. I get tired of looking at those freezer burn tips.
  9. Just saw some genuine snow flakes. My temp is 45 degrees. Feels much colder though.
  10. Do you know of a good snow cover map for Ontario? I’ve been looking for a snow cover and current snow depth map.
  11. Yeah. 61 degrees in Kitchener right now. Crystal clear skies. Can even see the moon during the day rather easily. I don’t remember having a day like this in March of 2020. Also there is a huge difference in temperature between my front yard and back yard. My backyard is still mostly in the shade until about Mid April and the ground is still frozen close to the house. The front yard is a torch. Some of my grass is starting to green up just a wee bit.
  12. Looks like the patented weekend cool down phenomenon is back again this spring.
  13. What a terrible start to March. Really cold. Our daytime highs seem to be at night. Just the timing. The outlook doesn’t look great. The days of above average temps are associated with rain, with backside cold and wind.
  14. Anyone know if there are any graphics like this for Canada?
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