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  1. Is this anything to talk about for tomorrow. Possible squall line or something?
  2. Mine does the same, on my phone I just switch it to the large size, not actual size. Then it works.
  3. Moderate snow in Etown, first flakes about 30 minutes ago.
  4. I would love to know what is happening under that lake effect band heading south on Lake Michigan and the southern storm heading north into the same area. I am assuming insane rates. Never seen that before!
  5. Good to hear, hopefully it holds for its journey through the LSV
  6. This band doing anything for anyone? Looks a little mean
  7. I was just going to ask someone if we have a chance at anything frozen for Friday...
  8. It sucks looking at the radar, just feels like we are getting screwed in the hole. Then I look outside.....mod snow. Feel okay again!
  9. Snow starting to come down pretty good NW of Etown! Sleet mixed out 5 minutes ago.
  10. Mod sleet just started 10 minutes ago, what do you guys use to see the sleet line? Is it advancing still or should we switch back to snow soon in the LSV?
  11. Starting snowing in Etown 5 minutes ago! So it begins....
  12. My favorite part of the Horst quote is “it may be quite a memorable storm”
  13. Alright storm is over, what's next....anything look interesting in the next week to anyone? Looks like we have a shot to keep the snow around till x-mas.
  14. Is that good for LSV to get snow rolling again, heavy precip, just some fun looking radar?
  15. Could someone smart tell what the rippling in the radar is from? Also, some heavier precip is definitely building back up for the LSV. Better then a dry slot!
  16. Ever hear of the warm nose! Lancaster is kinda nose like in shape, so they thinks it’s funny!! Haha
  17. Yea if you want 4” hour rates and some thunder snow. He is your man
  18. Yep same deal in the summer. Two of the most severe weather fatality situations and you can’t see it. Squalls in the winter, tornadoes in the summer. WGALs Doppler has been down for years. It’s a shame
  19. Agreed, Horst actually responded to me on twitter about this. Just something we have to deal with. Radar beam/height isn't sufficient for reaching Lancaster well, really struggles with squalls especially.
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