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  1. What a nice unexpected event this morning! It will be nice just to see some flakes. Waiting for the changeover in E-town.
  2. 4.5 1st event, 2.5 second, and 6.25 from yesterday, with melting and compaction I have around 9 inches of snow left as of this morning at 7am. Couple miles NW of Elizabethtown. Finally a cold week to enjoy it.
  3. Snow just started sticking on everything but the road and driveway a couple miles nw of Elizabethtown.
  4. NWS State College‏Verified account @NWSStateCollege FollowingFollowing @NWSStateCollege More #Snowsquall appears to be weakening - but that is largely due to distance (farther away) from radar. IR satellite data confirms squall has maintained intensity. Expect brief burst of heavy snow & strong wind gusts shifting east of US-15 through 12PM. #pawx
  5. 3-3.5 just outside of Lancaster City(Rohrstown Rd). I will measure in Etown when I get home.
  6. Looks like a couple inches for some of us today, maybe a nice squall line tomorrow and maybe some light snow for the southern half of the state Friday, plus the coldest week of the season. Not the worst week of winter.
  7. I was just looking at the radar, in and around Huntingdon Country blew up nicely. I went to school at Juniata, so I still always root for that area because I spent 4 winters up there.
  8. Good luck to everyone in the forum today! Whatever the outcome, it was fun tracking for a week.
  9. Did anyone see the Euro at 240. If that verified, I wonder what kind of surface temps would make it all the way to the Maxon Dixon. -20 or so??? Looks crazy
  10. Any thoughts on Euro? I only have what’s available on TT. Thought it looked colder, snow map not good though. Front thump must not happen for lsv.
  11. Looks like that is the the tail end passing through you now. Looks like good ending though, hopfully it makes it here with some pop!
  12. The fact that it is snowing right now will make it easier to stay up for the Euro!
  13. Cmc colder, further south, not great but close for us on th fringe.
  14. Precip just isn’t as intense as 18z. It didn’t get warmer, so that is good.