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  1. Felt like you guys were in control for longer than the pens were for sure. Luckily we managed to capitalize on special teams. Caps still got a point in every game to open the year, can't be too mad about that
  2. I have no idea what we were doing in those first 2 games but you guys are picking up where you left off last season. Hart is outstanding in net, very annoying to play against him
  3. i got less than half an inch and am staring down the barrel of 2 winters in a row with less than an inch of snow
  4. I believe so. It's only right when it screws us tho
  5. Can we actually put in conditional requests by date? If so I'll take 2/1/21 if I have the same lack of snow
  6. Snow all across the gulf/SE states and we get rain. It really hates to snow here doesn't it
  7. The curse of 2020 is ending a few hours early
  8. Light snow in Lake Ridge. Radar looks pretty