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  1. I’m currently down in Florida somewhere between Jacksonville and vero beach (i know, very specific). It’s absolutely dumping right now, but barely any wind
  2. Oh boy here we go again with the control mecs
  3. I’ll take e3 and save that to my “i miss snow” folder for the summer time
  4. No real big upsets, lot of blowouts, almost every comeback attempt I’ve seen has fell apart at the last second. A pretty good year to just pick the higher seeded team (except for the 8-9, 5-12 matchups)
  5. I had Iowa state losing to duke in the finals
  6. I went 20/32 with first round matchups. 5 Sweet 16 teams gone already. 2 elite 8. 2 final 4. And the runner up. My other bracket i made in which i clicked the randomize button needed like 3 edits to be a perfect bracket right now (it had 15 and 16 seeds winning in first round)
  7. I was walking outside and a huge lightning strike hit somewhere real close to me. The ground shook when the thunder rolled. Immediately followed by heavy frozen for about 2 minutes
  8. It’s ok, I’m like bottom 25%. Had Nevada going to the final 4, Syracuse to elite 8
  9. Anyone play March madness? I have losses so far from 3 teams (New Mexico State, Belmont, and nevada) that made big comebacks late in the second half, only to choke at the last second. Rip. Could’ve been $500
  10. I count 10/20 that have snow over my house, not including control. Most maps look decent at worst for most of the forum