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  1. 4/30 with a foot+ for DC and very nearly a 5th. That's hot
  2. 12/11: 0.5" 1/15-1/16: 2.8" 1/19: 3.0" Total: 6.3"
  3. Still got some flurries going around 2.75" on the deck, spotter totals will probably be around 3" 5" in snow depth!
  4. Accumulating again on my cleared areas HRRR says it'll be done here in the next hour or so 2.5"
  5. Accumulation has been hard to come by here as well for the last 2 hours or so, even with decent returns. Would need to be in the yellows me thinks
  6. Lighter green returns producing nice sized flakes in Lake Ridge. ~2.25"
  7. Just watched the back building start over Manassas, love to see it
  8. 1.5" in Lake Ridge, light stuff starting to fall again
  9. Go to bed and get up early for the snow
  10. The FV3 had this yesterday actually. Thought it was off its rocker
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