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  1. Honestly I'm stating to get a bit confused about which wave is when
  2. We need to ban the word "trend" for storms 4+ days out
  3. I come back after a 3 week break to find people throwing in the towel and being upset over an op run at *checks notes* 8 days out? Good lord
  4. These kind of winters should be a good lesson in when to use the ignore button
  5. Probably over 1.5" here. Side streets continue to cave after plowing. Looks pretty
  6. Grass caving. Visibility has dropped a decent amount Edit: sidewalks have caved. Side roads already starting to go as well
  7. Flakes just started in Middletown. Harrisburg people should see them any minute now
  8. Still a virga fest in Middletown. Hopefully not too much longer
  9. Best of luck tomorrow everyone! First snow event up here for me
  10. Few members of the Pennsylvania forum are talking seriously about the RGEM. And I thought we were weenies lol
  11. I read through 30 pages of the last 3 days of long range tracking to find out it ain't gonna snow still. We are sick people
  12. I mean I know it's the Icon but we'd rather have it showing good things than not. Anything that shows support for a GFS-like solution is a win. Would rather not have it continue to be on an island
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