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  1. Passed Clipper Drive on the way to a doctors appointment this morning. Obviously it’s a good omen
  2. I am a pens fan who does not actually hate ovi, I'm jealous of him. He's the best pure goal scorer ever, not really a question in my eyes. Crosby is still a better player tho ;)
  3. Is the new strategy to wait until a threat has gone to crap on the models before we open the storm thread? Lol
  4. I’ll have a number 8, a 10, and a 16 please
  5. PWC will be closed. Superintendent has done songs to announce closings in the past and...
  6. Yessir it is! I feel bad you had to wait a little longer to get the goods but we’re doing nicely now
  7. Just got my haircut and it’s looking very pretty. Mod to heavy SN, parking lot caved quick
  8. I just went under the dark greens and it’s ripping all of a sudden. Went from rain to SN in 10 seconds
  9. Looked hopefully starting as a mix but it doesn’t look good now :/ Edit: as i sent this I thought I saw a couple fatties
  10. is now a great time to do this?
  11. Temp seems to have stopped going up after reaching 42F. Returns are close. Bring on the snow!