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  1. So close to the purple, I can taste the snow
  2. I take if it’s 20 miles south. I’m picky about my fake snow!
  3. Meh. GFS has been terrible this year. Didn’t we say the Canadian has been better?
  4. Since it’ll be gone in a few minutes, the GFS gave some pity flakes at 222 that turns to rain quickly
  5. another member of the Woodbridge crew is leaving. Wish you the best out there man, bring us some snow next year!
  6. looks like it went a bit south. welp
  7. I still have 4-5 more runs for that to jog 20ish miles north. I will hold out hope for seeing flakes til the bitter end
  8. Nam was a bit south as well for 06z. Poof