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  1. So after viewing the radar, it looks like unless some disappears, it should snow for 6-8 hours at least (maybe more). If we see rates of 0.5 inches per hour, that's 3-4 inches.
  2. I only got 6 or 7 in Fairfield. It's like, I felt shorted. Either way, I know what you mean. I could see 5-6, don't get me wrong, but I also know that when all the models thought we'd see a foot, we got 2 inches.
  3. I'll believe it when I see it. Not trusting anything lmao
  4. There's definitely potential for something in the Cincy area...I just have no clue how much. I think we'll eventually see this thread expand as soon as the people watching from the last storm are finished with that. I'm just hesitant to count any chickens before they hatch after that storm last night.
  5. After going outside, I'm not sure what to make of any of this. It definitely got to 3.5-4.5 inches as of now, but it's basically light snow, and unless more builds up, we're looking at the end in Fairfield. We dodged the cool bands that went through Mason, and honestly, ending at 5-7 inches is fine, but there's a part of me that's really unsure what to think at this point. We had 2 inches by the end of the early band, so getting 3-5 out of this later band is very interesting, if nothing else, given how much more potent the later band looked. It's not over - time will tell obviously if we get more snow building - but as of right now, my optimism isn't very high. That said, seeing the pictures from Indiana has been the highlight of all of this, and I'm really glad to have at least bore witness to one of the most interesting storms I've ever seen. Just didn't play out in my favor this time, got 7 out of the last storm (the one that dropped 10 in the city of Cincy itself), so really, given the fact that last winter, we were lucky if we got 7 inches, I guess this is something comparatively. And all the models were in agreement for so long to see 6-12 inches, so I don't blame anyone. I know it's not an exact science, but I also knew that A: that dry slot was trouble, and B: I knew those NW shifts were going to end the game.
  6. I guess it depends on what you consider significant. It could probably be here til like 1 am, which could give you theoretically 6-ish inches. That's significant.
  7. I'm just west of the yellow oh come onnnn!!! Fairfield just can't win lol
  8. We're getting middle-sized flakes in Fairfield...vis around .5-.75 miles.
  9. Dry slot seems to be filling repeatedly in Fairfield with light snow. No clue what to think of any of that.
  10. I can promise you it won't unless we get a sick, sick band. I'm talking 1-2" an hour.
  11. Seriously, like...why lol. I'm about 10 mins SE of Hamilton. This is just unfortunate. Hopefully it builds behind that dry slot or the event may be over for me. Good luck to everyone in Indiana and NW Ohio! GG! I hope to see the pictures.
  12. I'm concerned about that dry slot in western Kentucky. I think that's going to nuke snow totals around here. I think I'm boned at this point if that dry slot doesn't fill in... Crap.
  13. Latest from ILN... AREA FORECAST DISCUSSION National Weather Service Wilmington OH 339 PM EST Mon Feb 15 2021 .SYNOPSIS... Significant winter storm to continue to impact the region overnight into early Tuesday as surface low pressure tracks into the Upper Ohio Valley. Surface high pressure will settle over the region bringing dry weather and cold temperatures Tuesday into Wednesday. Another system with a similar trajectory will create another round of winter weather for Wednesday night and Thursday. && .NEAR TERM /UNTIL 6 AM TUESDAY MORNING/... Major winter storm to continue to impact the area tonight into early Tuesday. This storm will likely cause a range of impacts from very heavy snow up to a foot across portions of East Central Indiana and West Central Ohio to up to a half inch of ice over the Scioto River Valley/Southeast Ohio and portions of Northeast KY. Model solution consensus toward more amplified mid level trof. This leads to further west and deeper surface low. This allows more warm air aloft over the very cold surface temperatures. Precipitation beginning to re-develop and fill in from the southwest as favorable lift re-develops. This pcpn initially is falling as freezing rain/sleet along the I-71 corridor. 8H Frontogenesis intensifies this evening with a dual upper level jet band providing upper level divergence. Expect snowfall rates this evening to be 1 to 1.5 inches per hour in heavy snow over the northwest portion of ILN/s FA. Confidence in heavy snow over the northwest is high. With more warm air into the I-71 corridor this region will be in the transition zone of pcpn types. Sleet and freezing rain will diminish snow totals in this transition zone -- with 5 to 8 inches expected overnight. Over the lower Scioto River Valley and northeast KY the predominate precipitation type is freezing rain. Major ice accumulation up to a half inch is forecast overnight. This amount of ice will likely lead to power outages and tree limbs down. With sfc low tracking thru the Upper Ohio Valley overnight expect the pressure gradient to increase tonight -- especially over West Central Ohio. North-northeast winds gusting up to 35 mph will result in blowing and drifting snow overnight. Have continued winter storm warnings across the entire area. Cold temperatures to continue with lows from near 10 northwest to near 20 southeast. Cold wind chills in the single digits thru the daylight hours. Large surface to build into the Great Lakes/Ohio Valley Tuesday night. Very cold temperatures with lows from the single digits below zero northwest to the single digits above zero southeast. Wind chill look to be single digits below zero.
  14. If Fairfield is any indication, it's coming. These flakes are massive.
  15. If you wanna send some just east over the border into SW Ohio, we'd love you forever.
  16. Heavy snow in Fairfield now. Ripping pretty decently.
  17. For folks in the Cincinnati area, it's going to come down to snowfall rates. I think that's the reality of all of this, and it's really unfortunate.
  18. NO Don't do me like this!!!!!!! Give me higher rates! Pleeeeease?
  19. In Fairfield, at least from my window, it's light snow. It's literally like a 15-mile difference. It's absurd.
  20. Like, I'm on the north side around Fairfield, so my odds are still decent, but also, I don't like how close the sleet is at all. I know I can't be the only one near Cincy getting nervous. Mason is getting sleet, and that's about 20? minutes east. This is way too close for comfort.
  21. It's also nerve-wracking to be on the eastern edge of this thing. The further west it goes, the less optimistic I'm getting.
  22. If that isn't the single most western-central Illinois thing I've ever seen...
  23. Furthermore, if the maps are based on 17:1 ratios, I know areas down south were hitting 20:1 ratios apparently, so it would make sense if those turn out to be correct, but of course, I'm not qualified to speak on whether that will continue up here.
  24. Flurries/lt. snow with some blowing in northern Cincy suburbs now. It begins!
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