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  1. Same here! It's a welcome change.
  2. Yep, that was me from CA. But I spent the last 3 years in Philly. Even there I never saw this much rain all at once. I agree that it is just beautiful and COLD outside! Finally fall!
  3. Wind is really picking up. Wish I had a kestrel. Guess we aren't out of the woods yet... pun intended. I live in the woods.
  4. I do not! The lights were flickering for a few hours but power has stayed on. The winds stayed mostly to the south. Every county around mine was under tornado watch, but no major impacts except a ton of rain, lightning, and dead leaves all over the lawn. Still getting some gusts but I think the worst has passed. Fingers crossed. Still raining.
  5. 4.5" of rain here in VA over the last 7 hours, forecast to go for another 3 hours. I just moved here a few months ago. I grew up in San Diego and this is the most rain I have ever seen in my life.
  6. I'm kinda new here. How do you block someone so you can't see their moronic posts?
  7. I don't see two camps. I see many reasonable people with a troll in their midst.
  8. Somebody made a serious typo here. There is no possible way are getting 2+ feet of rain. What's funny is they edited it in the last few hours, it was 71.5 cm, and forgot to move the decimal point.
  9. Good. Let's have some actual banter with actual facts, shall we? My mom is visiting and I took her into town today so I wasn't able to watch this unfold as I would have liked. Lady working at an art gallery totally let me peek over her shoulder while she was looking at pictures of the damage. Looks pretty hellish in FL right now. I know there was some warning but it seems like this one snuck up on them... unlike Florence which we were watching for weeks. Lost of people didn't evacuate and the death toll is gonna climb over the next few days. Really need to stop rebuilding coastal communities.
  10. You might want to keep it handy, unfortunately I don't think the truth teller is finished.