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  1. lswx

    Jan. 17/18 - Possible Flurries/Snow Showers

    Interesting to note that the grouping most North and West have the lowest pressure. Small thing to watch if pressures start coming in lower than modeled.
  2. lswx

    E PA/NJ/DE/Oak Hill Banter/Non Storm OBS thread

    Amazing that Western Burlington County South of Wilingboro continually misses. Every storm is just north or East or South. Looks like Montgomery County has been piling rain the last few days.
  3. lswx

    Coastal low 1/24 can this get winter going?

    Sorry When posted it was correct. It was posted at 453PM for 12Z Friday - 0Z Sunday. They must have taken it down.
  4. lswx

    Coastal low 1/24 can this get winter going?

    Mt Holly's thoughts
  5. I thought so at first but saw they updated their snow map downward at 315PM in NJ and also downward the forecast to inch and less in Burlington County. Edit - Wasnt being negative about the office, just curious
  6. Why is Mt Holly's Advisories seemingly opposite of most model guidance with regards to placement of precipitation amounts?
  7. Are you joking? Look at your post
  8. lswx

    E PA/NJ/DE/Okle: Banter/Non Storm OBS thread

    Where on the mt holly NWS site can I get seasonal snowfall totals for this year for mt holly? Thanks in advance
  9. lswx

    2/2-3 virga/flurries/lgt snow obs

    Mod snow in hainesport/mt holly NJ
  10. lswx

    OBS 12/29/12 Event/Storm/Whatever

    Heavy snow with big flakes in hainesport, nj
  11. lswx

    OBS Thread for PHL area : Sandy / Post Trop Phase

    Looks like the bands are setting up over the Atlantic.