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  1. I have a question for a meteorologist or an expert. Why is it in a wind chill advisory that they don't mention it as a possibility of being life threatening? Wind Chill Warning: The combination of very cold and the wind will result in dangerously low wind chill values. Frostbite can occur quickly and these conditions could even lead to hypothermia or death if proper precautions are not taken. Wind Chill Advisory: Very cold air and strong winds will combine to generate low wind chill values. This will result in frostbite and lead to hypothermia if precautions are not taken. Like why doesn't it say in a wind chill advisory something like this?That this could result in frostbite, could lead to hypothermia, or could be life threatening if precautions are not taken. I am just curious.
  2. Did you hit a wind chill of -50F? We bottomed out at -3F with a wind chill of -24F. I went outside and walked a mile in it and it made my face numb. It didn't sting but those winds were stiff. In fact when I was walking on my deck it felt like it was going to collapse. It was cold but pretty balmy compared to what a lot of you had last night.
  3. Temps here are going into the negatives and wind chills of -21F. Wind chills may bottom out at -24F or -25F. I went for a walk for about 10 minutes outside and for a minute walking into the wind. It was cold and it made my face numb.
  4. The temperature here is 7F with a wind chill of -12F. I went outside for about 5-10 minutes with no gloves and it made my hands go numb for a few minutes when I went back inside. I feel bad for you people up north that have a wind chill of -40F to -55F not only is it numbing but it feels like pins and needles are pricking your skin. Didn't some areas up north in the Dakotas and Minnesota have wind chills forecasted as low as -60F to -65F. This will be memorable day for a lot of people.
  5. It will probably be your most coldest wind chill you ever felt. It will probably feel like -50F in your area tomorrow. It will feel like -20F in my area though not as cold frostbite can occur in 20 to 30 minutes.
  6. The weather channel is forecasting a wind chill of -52F for Lake Zurich, Illinois. This will probably be one of the coldest days you ever felt Mr. Beavis.
  7. It feels like your exposed flesh is being peeled off or stung at those types of wind chills.
  8. The Elie F5 tornado did its most intense damage when it was like 40 yards wide. It was roping out basically. Did the Alonsa tornado do that as well when it did its most intense damage? Elie got up to 330 yards wide and the Alonsa tornado got up to a half-mile wide.
  9. The Alonsa, Manitoba tornado has been rated as an EF4. Its appearance reminds me of the Elie, Manitoba F5 tornado but the Alonsa tornado was wider than the Elie tornado.
  10. Goehner, Nebraska July 22, 2017 Heat Index 123F.
  11.    Did you say that on January 10, 1982 there was an NFL game that had a temp of -9F with a wind chill of -37F(-59F old scale)? I just recently read in a newspaper from Hutchinson, Kansas published on January 11, 1982 that wind chills in the northeastern part of the state had wind chills as low as 80 degrees below zero. It comes out to be about 54 degrees below zero on the new scale. Christmas Eve 1983 was also cold with wind chills of 70 to 80 degrees below zero(-52F new scale) and December 22-23, 1989 had temperatures as low as -30F and wind chills of minus 60 to minus 70 on the old scale. It works out to be about -53F to -57F on the new scale. Kansas record keeping is really bad and it is also very rural. The only place I can find any data is through old 1980s newspapers with the exception of the Oketo, Kansas -78F(-52F new scale) on Christmas Eve 1983. January 20-21, 1985 I really couldn't find anything but I think Central, Kansas may have had wind chills of -50F in some rural areas.

  12. Heilig/Scottsbluff, Nebraska December 22, 1989 -41F winds 9 mph wind chill -65F. That is insane if it is true. Kansas and Nebraska really got it in the December of 1989 arctic outbreak. Minus 30s in Northern,Kansas and -40s in Northern, Nebraska. The coldest temperature in Kansas was -34F at Atwood and the coldest temperature in Nebraska was -47F at Oshkosh. Both occurred on December 22, 1989.
  13. I don't think there has been any violent tornadoes(EF4-EF5) this year.