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  1. Keep on dreaming of that tornado outbreak. Of course as usual it turns into a major bust.
  2. NW St Francis, Kansas February 15, 2021. Temp -26 wind 15.9 and wind chill -53.3F. Additionally I found a temp of -26.2F with a 16.2 mph wind with a wind chill of -53.8F in far NW Cheyenne County Kansas at coordinate points 40.002, -101.97. Here is the site I found it doing sub hourly at 1 and 5 minutes. https://www.visualcrossing.com/weather/weather-data-services#/login
  3. I used a weather site called visual crossing and it showed a -53F wind chill in ENE Colorado, a -54F in NW Cheyenne County Kansas, and a -54F wind chill near Haigler, Nebraska. This was on February 15th. On February 16th in NE Kansas there was a -51F wind chill NE of Bern, Kansas, a --52F wind chill North of Sabetha, KS, and a -54F wind chill near Dawson, Nebraska. I have never heard of wind chills that cold coming this far South so late in the season. I experienced a -45F wind chill back in 1989 in Central Kansas and that had a very distinctive sting in the air.
  4. On February 15th between the hours of 12:00-8:00 am there were wind chills of minus 50 to minus 60 in extreme NW KS, extreme ENE CO, extreme SW Nebraska, and other parts of Nebraska. I talked with a farmer and lady who lives in far NW Cheyenne County Kansas and they said temperatures were around -25F to -27F with winds around 15 to 25 mph. That puts the wind chills around minus 50 to minus 60.
  5.   At the Kansas/Nebraska border there was a temperature of -26F and a wind of 15 mph creating a wind chill of -53F near Haigler, NB. Haigler hugs the Kansas/Nebraska border and one of its streets Logan runs into Kansas. 


  6. It was cold in my area last night the temperature was -10F with a wind of 18 mph creating a wind chill of -34F. This is near Wichita and is the coldest I have felt since 1989.
  7. There was a temperature of -26F and a wind of 15 mph creating a wind chill of -53F right at the Kansas/Nebraska border near Haigler, NB last night. Haigler hugs the Kansas/Nebraska and has one street Logan that runs into Kansas. This could be a potential record for Kansas that runs along KS-27.
  8. I have a question for a meteorologist or an expert. Why is it in a wind chill advisory that they don't mention it as a possibility of being life threatening? Wind Chill Warning: The combination of very cold and the wind will result in dangerously low wind chill values. Frostbite can occur quickly and these conditions could even lead to hypothermia or death if proper precautions are not taken. Wind Chill Advisory: Very cold air and strong winds will combine to generate low wind chill values. This will result in frostbite and lead to hypothermia if precautions are not taken. Like why doesn't it say in a wind chill advisory something like this?That this could result in frostbite, could lead to hypothermia, or could be life threatening if precautions are not taken. I am just curious.
  9. Did you hit a wind chill of -50F? We bottomed out at -3F with a wind chill of -24F. I went outside and walked a mile in it and it made my face numb. It didn't sting but those winds were stiff. In fact when I was walking on my deck it felt like it was going to collapse. It was cold but pretty balmy compared to what a lot of you had last night.
  10. Temps here are going into the negatives and wind chills of -21F. Wind chills may bottom out at -24F or -25F. I went for a walk for about 10 minutes outside and for a minute walking into the wind. It was cold and it made my face numb.
  11. The temperature here is 7F with a wind chill of -12F. I went outside for about 5-10 minutes with no gloves and it made my hands go numb for a few minutes when I went back inside. I feel bad for you people up north that have a wind chill of -40F to -55F not only is it numbing but it feels like pins and needles are pricking your skin. Didn't some areas up north in the Dakotas and Minnesota have wind chills forecasted as low as -60F to -65F. This will be memorable day for a lot of people.
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