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  1. Weird night temp wise...kept bottoming out all night until 6 AM at 32 degrees. Up to 37 about an hour ago.
  2. No thanks. We have June through October for that.
  3. Gives me more time to look at the mud and bugs...and herds of birds plucking worms from soggy yards.
  4. Funny how the sun doesn't hit all the snowpack at a time. I'm down to 30 percent out front but still around 70 percent cover in the back. The street out front still has large patches of ice. Stubborn stuff. Temp at 37 now.
  5. Winter comes regardless of snow. Just thought I'd chime in on that. Kind of lost faith in any models this year. Either the technology isn't fine tuned enough or historical patterns have less validity. I'm not a met, so heck if I know. But it's almost comical and bizarre the amount of maps that swing wildly (snow total wise) as systems set up and form. Maybe the public has access to too many clown maps now. If you live in a complex climate region for snow there's really no need in getting too fixated about high amounts. Sometimes you gotta take what you got and enjoy it. Or move your butt to Maine, Michigan, or anywhere in snow climo. They don't even care about the stuff up there, they get so much. Trust me, I got people up there and they complain about too much snow! Grass is greener, lol. Or whiter! Are you really gonna do anything more with a foot of snow than 4 inches, other than the cool factor? It's only a big deal in this region because of the challenge of forecasting. I'm a snow lover, but I ain't diving off a bridge about it. And if it hangs around too long it gets funky and dirty lookin'.
  6. Bottomed out at 24 last night. Currently 26, blue skies.
  7. Bottomed out last night at 25 degrees. Was 26 an hour ago, now a creep up to 30. Giant plates of ice on street where runoff has frozen. Anyone cruising through here at speed is an idiot. Light/Dark cloudy skies, moody looking. Shoveled driveway to clear space last night to take trash bins out. Cleared off cars. And of course there was black ice at the bottom of the driveway. Trash got picked up, but I'm waiting for the street glaciers to thaw before retrieving the bins.
  8. Gentle thawing here. Flock of birds came out to grab essential groceries. Temp now at 34. Since we're sharing topography/elevation maps, I've got one. And hint: snow is measured at the bluest (or flat green) parts. Go figure!
  9. Snowing here. Regular snow, not snizzle, sneet or grains. Temp at 31.
  10. 30 degrees and all quiet in SE DC...icy snizzle still falling. Stuff's so hard cars don't leave tracks, people don't leave footprints. Plows came through 5 minutes after I took these pics. The scratching and crunching soothed my nerves, knowing they were out there somewhere caring for citizens. We had one radical put out the trash. Everyone else said ++++ it.
  11. An even sneet cover in SE DC. Maybe, 1.5" inches total. Temp holding at 32 degrees. Keep the faith, people...how can you go wrong when Phil sees his shadow?
  12. Looks almost like 5pm out here! Hopefully we'll get more snow/sleet pack?
  13. Looks like my street! But then, I don't need to tell you why...sig says it all! But the darkening skies may be a good omen. The real question is what about the trash pickup, lol.