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  1. Bit less then 1/2 inch here on Chicago westside from this mornings burst. Not much of anything since.
  2. Tuesday night low -10 Wednesday high -13 Wednesday low -24
  3. Solid 2 inch of fluffy white snow. Nice little event for this weekend. Now eyes are on Monday.
  4. Just made it back home from the snow removal route. Wind has sure blown all this snow around drifts up to 12+ in spots here on the Northside of Chicago. My little jap maple is holding up it's crown!
  5. About 1 inch here on the city's northwest side.
  6. Light snow from earlier stopped been dry for the past 2 hours....
  7. Snowing here in Humboldt Park area of Chicago.
  8. Its a slushy mess out back right now. About half an inch of slush has accumulated on my back deck and sidewalk here on the west side of the Chicago. Not much for snow yet.
  9. It's already snowing here in Chicago at least here in the Humboldt Park area.
  10. Ruler reading is 1.3 inches here on the Northside of the city.