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  1. Had a nice storm roll through around 11pm last night. Rainfall total of 0.46” yesterday. High of 81.

    Hoping the currently stalled front is able to push through the area and knock the dews down a bit. It’s sitting about 40 miles to my NW. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Brian D said:

    Almost 1 pm, and rain just ended. Temps still in the upper 40's with overcast skies. Sat showing clouds trying to hang for a while yet. Might get lucky in a couple hours and see some sun. What a cold June day so far. 

    Meanwhile a couple hours drive south we’ve reached 81 under sunny skies. First 80 degree day since the 4th.

  3. 2 hours ago, Brian D said:

    Powerball chuckling at the warmer wx up here

    We can return the favor when TX has a week of 30s in January. 

    84/64 here. Steamy, but with a strong breeze gusting to 30mph it’s keeping things much more comfortable today. Storms should start firing in the next couple hours. 

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  4. The northland sees frost and freezing temps in the summer months more often then you’d think.

    A quick google search reveals it dropped to 30 in Embarrass MN on 8/24/17, International Falls had a record low of 34 on 8/2/18, Seagull hit 32 and Hibbing 34 on 7/8/2021. Plenty more examples too.

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  5. Happy Memorial Day. Showers most of the morning here, temps are in the upper 50s but should surge into the 60s as the precipitation moves out this afternoon. Not the best day for boating but might try and catch the twins game later if it dries out in time. 

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  6. On 5/24/2024 at 9:51 PM, Spartman said:

    TWC's calling for a high of 72 for Memorial Day.

    Want a bad Memorial Day? Go back to  Memorial Day 1996 when temps were in the 50's all day.

    P&C on weather.gov has bumped my backyard up to 70 on Monday. I’ll take this weather all summer. 

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  7. Currently 54 and very breezy this evening. Looks like some patchy frost possible up north if the winds calm down. We’ve been sustained over 20mph and gusting over 40mph all afternoon.

    Cool weather on tap for the holiday weekend, in 2018 Memorial Day was the earliest 100 on record in the Twin Cities. This year we’ll probably stay in the 60s all day. 

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