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  1. 3 hours ago, TheClimateChanger said:

    Looks like MSP is off to an absolutely scorching start to summer. Second warmest on record for first eight days of June, and would have been first if it occurred during or before 2020. Third warmest when measured by mean maximum to minimize impacts of growing UHI.

    Wouldn't have expected this with the northerly flow and wildfire smoke limiting insolation.




    It’s been unpleasant working outside. Luckily so far we haven’t had the extreme 70+ dews like last summer. I’m already over this crap, and ready for coastal ridges and central CONUS troughs. 

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  2. 12 hours ago, luckyweather said:

    gonna head up to Madison to Tyrol’s June Jam tomorrow. Pic from last year, they said they have significantly more snow this year. At least an acre of coverage. I’m not sure how they keep it at Tyrol but usually hay and/or sawdust will do the trick.

    Trollhaugen in Dresser WI saves a pile of snow under straw and tarps all summer for an early October event each year. I’m always surprised they are able to save anything. 

  3. 3 hours ago, hardypalmguy said:

    Where's your heat island in January?

    It’s quite strong in January. It’ll be -12F at the airport and -20s outside the urban core. In fact we would have probably broken our all time snowfall record if it weren’t for marginal temps during a few event. Our suburban WFO was around 12” higher on seasonal snowfall then the official measuring spot at the airport. 

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