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  1. Absolutely!
  2. When I first saw last night's euro idea before seeing snowfall maps I got excited. H5 was nearly identical to the previous run except the low oddly pops exactly 24 hours later in almost the exact same placement...interesting!
  3. At least a little something for everyone! eta: That type of scenario happens maybe once every 1 or 2 decades this time of year!
  4. NASA and their hi-tech satellites eta: Threat is legit if CMC wiffs alone
  5. I don't know if I should be sharing that pivotal image from elsewhere or not not having my own subscription... eta: go stalk acc
  6. Some of the darker green qpf looks closer to the metros around that time! Good thinking!
  7. All flow looks nearly identical to the 18z run through hr78 (maybe a slightly higher western ridge?)
  8. Well that was fast!
  9. That's who I was thinking! I always think of the 0z/12z runs having the most recent rawinsonde ingestion, but nowadays satellites practically tell all in that department.
  10. We all have different expectations for that period.
  11. Last year SE VA had their share, so I'm keeping every flake I can get!
  12. Yep, multiple options with equivalent possibilities!
  13. Doesn't the euro op show that without as much ss?
  14. Think we have any chance of a phase per 12z eps?
  15. The Low is weaker than the last three runs initially, but has the best looking 850s!
  16. Seeing Greenland like that with such a threat is almost never good. Being in the 5-day window is great seeing the waves though! What I will be watching for is the differences in trends in the speeds of the two systems.