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  1. 2 hours ago, csnavywx said:

    It's curious that the WSJ article has NO figures, NO sources and none of the statements from ERCOT itself, which backed up the 26/34GW figure I provided. I want numbers, hard pass on the projection.

    I think it's accurate and when you account for total property loss to lives lost ratio it makes perfect sense. I think people are under-educated in the 'depopulation' mechanics of AGW.

  2. 7 hours ago, LibertyBell said:

    We're already in the Anthrocene, where humanity is killing off all other species, besides the ones we farm or keep as pets.


    Like the other portion of the Anthropocene where you know we are unable to keep doing those things.

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  3. These large-scale perturbations in the recent normals are a signal of increasing hysteresis in the system. In other words the end of the Holocene climate regime is close as we head towards a equable climate with little to none temperature difference between the tropics and polar region.

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  4. 12 hours ago, skierinvermont said:

    IF you could somehow keep the aerosols in the stratosphere it would eliminate the human health problem but not the global dimming problem.

    I agree it would be a huge blunder and a crime against humanity and by association nature if this was ever attempted en masse.

  5. Starvation is absent from the chart because of the pre-cautionary bias. Exposure to natural disasters is not how global warming will get you. It's in the effects on agriculture and the interactions with population dynamics. Also peak energy will make it more difficult to transport grains and resources.

    Get real man. Renewables don't work period so let's look at scaling back not carrying down the fossil fuel road.

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  6. 14 hours ago, LibertyBell said:

    by the way some are mistakenly thinking the 10% reduction in fossil fuels is actually causing the abnormal cold we are seeing this month LOL  I'm sure many in Texas will be thinking that when Dallas goes below zero next week.


    If you can dry the air adiabatically it doesn't matter how much GHG forcing is loaded into the system. The sun doesn't shine up there it's that simple but at some point the ocean and persistent cloud cover will completely overwhelm the system.


  7. On 2/9/2021 at 1:51 AM, skierinvermont said:

    As bdwx said, not really. The decrease in aerosols this year was very small. I know where I live, traffic has been normal all year except for a couple months around April. Global oil and coal consumption barely decreased (-5% for coal). If aerosols decreased 5%, as coal did, then the .03C would be 1/20th the total aerosol cooling (assuming the response is linear) and eliminating human aerosols would cause .6C of warming.

    But as bdwx also said, using aerosols to geoengineer is also potentially dangerous. For starters, aerosols have caused global dimming and a reduction in plant growth. And most aerosols are associated with severe human health effects currently estimated to be in the millions of premature deaths per year.

    The idea in stratospheric radiation management is just that. To keep the damage and effects in the stratosphere but there is no clear incentive as we show no signs of abandoning technology and civilization.

    Without such a stance there is only one path forward which is accelerationism which tends to favor more conservative minds. The current modus operandi is liberalism and technology and as a result you are right to be critical of the current world order and especially the massive censorship and battering of humanity now occurring.

    Without a holistic perspective there is no hope of ever rallying the right people or "solving" the problems. IE weaponizing populism in order to destroy technological slavery and end overpopulation and resource exploitation. Technology may be able to stop a good chunk of us before it goes under but all of the batter. You tackle two problems simultaneously.

    Nobody or any specific organization or corporation or government has any authority over the trajectory of this planet and we will make that known with time. This isn't 1930 or something where fascism and communism runs wild across the world and people are off doing their own thing. Young people are about to shake things up but all of the things were going to be destroyed anyways.

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  8. Just now, MillvilleWx said:

    I take it you are probably going to tuck that frame into bed with you tonight? That's some serious lift for a good 2 hr period for your hood

    I blame Bob Chill for these posts.