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  1. Thanks for all the great analysis everyone, makes it easy to follow. I just have a question, what exactly is WAR?
  2. Wow, yeah there were for sure some solid gusts. Sorry to hear about the window, I was worried about my car. We had about 5 minutes of nickel size hail then it poured. Looks like we aren't done yet too.
  3. Hail in Roland Park
  4. Came in like a wall of water up here. Flash flood warning now saying an inch of rain fell in 15 to 30 minutes.
  5. Got into some good bands up here. I think it's gonna be a fun evening. Radar looks juiced back west.
  6. Sun out. Maybe it will juice things up. Glad to hear others are banking.
  7. Atmospheric taunting in North Balt City continues.
  8. I heard it too, must of been coming down pretty good for a bit.
  9. This is saving the weekend for me. Even just got lightning and thunder!
  10. Yup, by the Starbucks and Eddies. We can't be too far from one another because I saw the split at the same time as you haha.
  11. Stand strong brother. We will get bullseyed one day! This can't go on that long, can it?
  12. Very ominous sky in Roland Park
  13. Radar watching yesterday was very painful up here. We can't buy a decent storm. Maybe today we get one?
  14. I was going to post that I actually liked the look of the radar near Morgantown. Holding out hope for something interesting here in Balt.
  15. We continue to get missed in every direction lol. We need to stand strong.