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  1. Radar watching yesterday was very painful up here. We can't buy a decent storm. Maybe today we get one?
  2. I was going to post that I actually liked the look of the radar near Morgantown. Holding out hope for something interesting here in Balt.
  3. We continue to get missed in every direction lol. We need to stand strong.
  4. Sun is out in Baltimore near Towson. Just hoping for a decent storm at this point.
  5. Hey guys, I am up at Oregon Ridge Park in Cockeysville watching these storms roll in. Sky looks very dark on the Westminster part of the line.
  6. I am at Oregon Ridge Park on a nice vantage point and can see blue sky and sun off to the west. Sun coming out as I type this.
  7. Figured I would make my first post and join in on the discussion. Just got some nice rolling thunder in North Baltimore City.