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  1. I was really looking forward to the fall cool down. Dropping water temps in the creek. But now they’re starting to warm up again. This has been a weird year for fishing with the ups and downs of water temps and then the constant rains earlier in the year raising water levels. I need colder weather to get the muskies active again. Caught one last week but since then they’re just lethargic. Cmon cooler weather!
  2. Yea, that wouldn’t be much fun. Alas, we’ve got plenty of road salt left over from last year and more on the way in the next couple of weeks. I just want like 6” storms every 7-10 days with a couple of 10”+ ones in there somewhere. Definitely don’t want a blizzard with some of the new places we picked up this year. That storm back in 2016 sucked. I was in a plow truck for almost 50 hours. Clean up lasted another week and repairs and maintenance took another week. $$$$$ was good though!
  3. FWIW. Got an update from the weather service we use for snow and ice management. Winter Preview Part II.pdf
  4. Looks like things take a much cooler trend after next weekend.
  5. Seemed like a lot of the local news channels were saying it was supposed to be "scattered" light rain. I don't think they anticipated it to be this way all day. I saw a graphic last night on a local station that showed nothing until later in the evening. It rained all day in Dillsburg/Mechanicsburg.
  6. I second the hail. I live off the Rossmoyne/Wesley Dr exit and there was some dime sized hail coming down briefly with that last round. Gearing up for round two now.....power flickered twice during the last one....
  7. Enjoy the time down there. We just got back from a week on the beach. Weather was great. It stormed twice while we were there but both times were at night. The second night of storms was by far the best. We sat out on our balcony after the really heavy rain and wind passed through and watched the lighting out over the ocean for about an hour. Very relaxing. Oh and the water was beautiful. I don't remember a year when it had been that clear. One day we were out about 30-40 yards from the shore and could see all the way to the bottom. Really good time.
  8. Maybe we plow some snow again???? I'm down.
  9. plowing is goin good so far. On the second pass through this senior community. Coming down good in mechanicsburg tried to upload a photo but it wouldn't let me
  10. Last year was pretty similar until the "big one". This storm will make for long hours of plowing and possibly a day of euipment to move piles of snow and clean out parking stalls. We service about 14 commercial properties, 3 of which are large apartment complexes. We also have a large +55 community over off Hempt road in Silver Spring Twp that has over 300 driveways to clear. Going to be a good storm.
  11. Getting things all geared up for tomorrow night. Double and triple checked all of our equipment. Greased our plows and salt spreaders. Gassed up the snow blowers and skid loaders. Tomorrow we're going to haul equipment and salt back out to a few sites. Then I'll try and get a little sleep but I doubt I will be able too. I'm excited. The blizzard last year was so much fun to plow. Time to make that money!!
  12. Definitely will help out. We put our plows back inside the storage building a couple of weeks ago and just last week pulled all of our salt piles and trailers off a couple of sites. Looks like we're taking them back out Monday morning before getting some sleep and heading out Monday night. Hell, we installed an irrigation system last week it was so nice!
  13. It's going to be a long weekend. After this mornings salting event and going out to check refreeze later tonight and tomorrow morning, I am looking forward to pushing some serious snow next week. Gotta get stocked up on some monster, chew and snacks. Looks like I could be in the truck for quite some time......please let this one happen. Then we can go into the busy season and look forward to a better winter next year. Hopefully this winters end is a taste of what's in store for next year.
  14. So, last week, we decided the season was over and we might only have to handle another one or two salting only events. We pulled all of our equipment and trailers off sites, as well as our bulk salt piles. Soooooo it looks like maybe we will be hauling salt back out later this week. I would not be too upset if that's how things worked out. Only got to plow once this year. Really hoping for some plowable snowfall this weekend. Also might have to think about pushing our lawn treatments back another week. Won't be able to lay down crabgrass pre emergent with 10" of snow on the lawns.
  15. Yea and I'd be happy because I would be on OT plowing. With all of our accounts I will still probably end up with some OT but not as much as I would if it were a weekend storm. Plus there's too many people out thinking they know how to drive in snow and ice when we're trying to work and it just makes things more difficult. Weekend storms are easier to manage. Timing of this one couldn't be more worse either. Can't wait for tonight though, first plow of the year!