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  1. Lock this one in. Please and thank you. A nice storm with no mixing issues will make for a nice Sunday evening plowing snow. After the last two days, we’re running out of room to put the snow. So let’s keep this under 10” please.
  2. Treated surfaces are starting to coat in Dillsburg/Mechanicsburg
  3. Changing oil in three trucks today and making sure everything is good to go. Looks like this will be a quick, heavy hitter and leave a nice mess behind. At least when we’re cleanjng up on Thursday, it should be sunny and pleasant in the mid to upper 40s. This storm should put at us budget for the season. Kind of surprising since we haven’t had many snows this year. Boy have we used a bunch of salt/calcium though.
  4. So....more snow this go around? (Wednesday)
  5. Hey, where’s worm guy? You know, with the lates worm o metric pressure readings and what not. I’m talking about you @Flatheadsickness
  6. Uggghh. Man these mix storm really suck when your clearing 250 driveways and sidewalks at one HOA
  7. Is this the Wednesday storm?
  8. Snowstorm confirmed!
  9. I don’t pull any of our snow removal stuff before March 15th. After the last couple of winters having some nice snows into late March, I have learned that lesson the hard way.
  10. Man, if I didn’t have to work in this slopfest, I’d be sitting back with some Perpetuals just waiting for your next post!
  11. Here’s the latest weather works forecast for anyone interested. They’re calling for less than some of the local stations but they have had to play catch up in the past with similar setup storm systems. Wouldn’t be surprised if they change the totals for the main event tomorrow evening a little bit. Right now they’re calling for a 1-2” event tonight and 2-4” tomorrow with up to a tenth inch of ice. Either way it makes our job messy and more difficult when it’s not all snow falling. Sno-Services (Harrisburg).pdf
  12. You know why it’s called “indica”, right? Because it will have you in da couch
  13. SnowPlowGuy88

    Central PA - Winter 2018-19

    It’s done by a company by the name of Weather Works. We’ve used them for years in doing snow removal but in the last two years we started doing more work for a company locally who uses them as well. So no longer need to pay for the subscription!
  14. SnowPlowGuy88

    Central PA - Winter 2018-19

    This is our latest forecast. You can see they’re very confident. Sno-Services (Harrisburg).pdf
  15. SnowPlowGuy88

    Central PA - Winter 2018-19

    Man, tomorrow is going to suck. I was soaked during that November storm when it flipped to rain. I’m hoping for more snow. Easier to clean up. Especially when we have an entire HOA with 200 driveways and sidewalks to clean up.