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  1. Still moderate snow and 33, 33. It is compacting and melting only slightly less fast than it is coming down. This is the Heritage area in Wake Forest. About 0.5 to 0.75 on the ground.
  2. Light to moderate snow in Wake Forest. 33, 32.
  3. Happy to! It is ripping right now. Truly starting to accumulate on elevated surfaces and grass. Yard is rapidly whitening. 34, 33.
  4. It is snowing in Wake Forest now. Starting to get a slushy accumulation on elevated surfaces. 35 degrees.
  5. Changing back to rain snow mix now in Wake Forest. 36/35
  6. back to slushy rain in Wake Forest. - 37/33
  7. light rain/snow mix in Wake Forest. 39/34.
  8. flurries at Sugar Mountain, Banner Elk, NC area
  9. 38/38 in Wake Forest, NC - high,thin, overcast
  10. Maybe model upgrades have fixed a lot of this, but maybe time to reflect on Cold Rain's thread from about 3 years ago... My favorite line from the post " Pink areas on a p-type map indicate slightly colder rain than the green areas. "
  11. I’m still learning on here and therefore don’t necessarily know what all pieces are important for the models. Are all the important players now onshore and in a position to be well sampled?
  12. Last 6 runs of NAM - LP slightly stronger and maybe 50-100 miles further north.