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  1. 10 hours ago, stormtracker said:

    It's been an honor and a pleasure tracking with you all.  We are by far the best sub forum on this here board.  Our gallows humor can't be touched.  We lose so much, we've perfected it.  Gonna head back into my summer hibernation in a little bit.  Let us save our energy and fight another day (next winter).   

    Now, if we are looking for warmth on a 10 day model, that shit is LOCKED and guaranteed.  We do that like no other around here.  Next week looks goooood end of week

    Yup, pretty much my sentiments, @stormtracker.  Screw it, awful winter, nothing worthwhile.  But it's done, so whatever.  We do have the best subforum in that we can laugh and joke about our failures and just make light of it all.  We also have some very good posters too, of course.  I'm the same as you, will be in the "summer hibernation" for the most part but will check in here and there for fun and to see what's going on.

    You have a good spring/summer, too!  And yeah, we'll get back at 'em next winter.

    ETA:  Your Youtube "Hitler's Rage" video will be a classic forever!  I've saved the link!  Now that's how gallows humor is done right!  Posting here again for everyone:


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  2. 15 hours ago, fujiwara79 said:

    I think they're going to have to write a new volume for the KU book series.  We should call it: Northeast Perfect Track Rainstorms: Volume III.  Case studies and Chronicles of the New Base State.

    We'll refer to those as "FU" storms.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Heisy said:

    2014 or 2015 (forget the exact year) had a solid March anafrontal snowstorm up here in Philly. I forget if it impacted you guys. However, you know winter is just about over when this discussion starts lol.


    Yup...March 5, 2015.  We had rain overnight and into the early morning on the 5th (and had icing a day before that).  Then there was a lull as temperatures dropped with a cold front, and the main low then tracked along the front.  Snowed from about 9AM through 4PM, I got 6.5" snow from that and it was quite cold through the afternoon that day.  Following day on the 6th it also remained below freezing.

  4. 6 minutes ago, Ralph Wiggum said:

    Personally don't think the primary gets that far N. No other model is even close to that. GFS is playing catchup this time around. 

    Can't say I've really ever seen a primary in Lake Superior and a redevelopment off OBX before, but whatever.  Doesn't matter in the end, the thermals are a wreck.

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  5. Interesting how 2009-10 is "only" ranked #5 and "only" an A-.  But upon further thought, the first top 4 were pre-DCA measurements and I guess it was colder overall and more days with >1".  And as expected 2009-10 has the highest "big storm" bonus, but in thinking of it, that's pretty much all we got that winter, big storms.  A little surprising, 2013-14 is lower than I would have thought at #31 and a mere C+.  Seems that so far the only thing that kept this winter slightly better than the all-time worst of 1997-98 is that DCA got just a bit more snow (0.4" vs. 0.1").

  6. 1 minute ago, Ralph Wiggum said:

    When I worked at whole foods we used to put a poached egg inside of a half avocado on our hot bar (dating myself here haven't worked in that context in many years). Maybe we need a mix of the two. 

    Egg on avocado toast, maybe??

    (ETA:  I actually got one of those Squishable avocado pillow things for my daughter years ago, she thought it was overly cute!  And it is.  She named it "Guaqui" LOL!!!)

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  7. 1 minute ago, brooklynwx99 said:

    I would still caution against using snowfall means. the 500mb pattern is so good that models will probably come around on that stuff. they already kind of are

    Right.  Those means at this range, can be highly influenced by one huge solution or a few really bad ones (i.e., zero), so it washes out.  The ops GFS essentially was an extreme "ensemble" member itself, in a way.

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