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  1. Snowing now near downtown Silver Spring!
  2. dusting and starting to accumulate on car tops here in Silver Spring
  3. 12z NAM Para looks to flip back to snow around DC proper and to the NW around 12z as 850s push to the SE. Still a decent bit of precip too.
  4. 12z NAM Para looks more sleety during the WAA thump compared to the regular 12z NAM. 850 0C isotherm bisects MoCo north of DC
  5. 850s/925s are fairly isothermal < 0C around DCA up through Baltimore
  6. Maue posted a 1 hourly loop of the 00z GFS on his twitter if anyone's interested
  7. hr 108. Low just off VA/NC border. 850s look pretty good!
  8. CMC is a near wet dream for next week. Keeps the Sunday storm suppressed, keeps some energy back in the Gulf, and then shoots a low up the coast to meet NS energy. Could use the low to be a tick east but yeah. Definitely shows the possibility should Sunday's storm stay suppressed
  9. 00z GFS throws us some comma head wrap around snow with next week's system
  10. Yeah, it just looks so much better after the 12z Euro run and the 18z GFS run haha
  11. Instead of the low off of Savannah on 18z run, it's now off Myrtle Beach on the 00z. And then off the OBX
  12. Yeah, definitely farther north through the Plains than 18z was. A few more frames will tell...
  13. Yep...Norfolk, VA is the place to be for Sunday according to this run. Didn't they already have a blizzard warning earlier this year? Ugh
  14. 12z Para low track from Chattanooga to Greenville NC isn't the best to say the least...but not the worst, especially this winter.
  15. 00z CMC spits out low to mid teen snowfall amounts for the 3/14-15 storm from DCA to Baltimore, FWIW