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  1. Yep, add the 00z CMC into the west camp! GFS on an island right now.
  2. Yeah, what a craptacular run, for everyone everywhere, on the GFS!
  3. Check, please! (if that's as good as it'll get haha)
  4. Really want that tongue of heavier amounts to extend down from the Eastern Shore, but I'm not going to get greedy haha
  5. Actually....starts to really deepen and slow down and continues to throw some moisture back
  6. 00z Euro wasn't as deep as 12z, also looked a tick east. Therefore, it's not throwing back a ton of moisture on the west side of the track.
  7. GFS still looks like a pretty great event for NE NC/ SE VA!
  8. Verbatim, Euro looks like more mixing along the coast before flipping to snow along NE NC/SE VA/Eastern Shore. Not all that wildly different than the 0z run, IMO
  9. Looks like 12z Ukie was a bit more east of both GFS/CMC. Still got some light snow along coastal areas, but not to the degree of the other models.
  10. Yeah, things have started trending that way over the past few model cycles. Still a long way to go, but I'd gladly take another 3-5 inch event and get ready for the pollening!
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