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  1. 00z GFS came in a lot wetter for SE VA this run
  2. 00z ICON showing a coastal with snow in S. Virginia and E. NC for Sunday. It's been waffling between showing and not showing it recently so...
  3. Yep, just a glancing blow for the coastal areas.
  4. Annnd 12z Euro super flat, super weak, and super OTS with the weekend disturbance
  5. 00z GFS looks like it'd be another 1-3 inch storm here in Norfolk. Possibly the 3rd straight weekend with accumulating snow!
  6. 18z GFS looks like a snow to mix to rain set up for south Hampton Roads with the low hugging the coast. Need it to scoot offshore just a bit more!
  7. I'll certainly take another coastal low or slider in in Hampton Roads!
  8. Based on reports to AKQ, looks like Norfolk got between 2-3.5 inches. Here are some pics from my apartment balcony .
  9. SPC just put out this Mesoscale Discussion. Includes Tidewater and Eastern Shore.
  10. ORF just switched to snow and mixing now near downtown Norfolk
  11. If we somehow got 2 inches, I'd feel good. Not great, but good. Especially with how this thing has evolved.
  12. Not sure if it means much but AKQ had Norfolk getting into the mid 40s today for a high. We've been in the upper 30s/low 40s all day so far.
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