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  1. You guys might as well get used to no snow and “hot” winters for the foreseeable future. At my location, we’ve maybe had three weeks of seasonable weather. The grass around the house never did die. My roses are still blooming. A couple of weeks ago, I had to put on off because the mosquitos were out biting me. Diurnal temperatures are 30+ degrees when the sun is out, and even when the 540s are well passed us, the temperature is above 32 degrees several thousand feet into the air. It’s still cold in the north though, for now. Oh well, only the future will tell.
  2. Just to let you guys know, the returns that say it is snowing are just rain. Pure rain. Radar showed it snowing over my house and it was nothing but rain. Supposedly, it will get below freezing tonight. If it makes it to 32, I’d be surprised. Temperature has been holding steady at around 36 for hours.
  3. What is the radar return showing up in the southeast? Is that supposed to stay together?
  4. If we average your C with the entire southeast, the overal score would be an F. You guys getting a big snow once during the winter for your little area is a drop in the bucket. Grass doesn’t even stay dead all winter anymore. I think maybe, where I’m at, it got below freezing maybe 7 days this winter. Absolutely absurd. If we took out the outliers (cause now that’s what they are), we would see this winter absolutely baked.
  5. I’m gonna get a lot of flack for this, but here pretty soon, we might as well get used to no snow in the south. Sure, it may happen on a rare occasion, but our climate will be tropical in nature. Winter will be mostly mild conditions with moonsoons. I grew up on the MS gulf coast. It used to snow there about once every 4 years. I think its been almost a decade now without snow of any appreciated amount.
  6. Hmm. Looks like the dry colder air is finally starting to undercut the frontal moisture. What are the chances that the south central portions of AL and GA end up seeing heavy snow showers with temps in the mid 30s. It may not stick, but it will be pretty to look at.
  7. I’m not sure this is gonna happen. Temps are still in the mid 40s and raining where it should be close to snowing. It doesn’t seem like the cold air is advancing quick enough.
  8. Been hearing on FB they are salting roads in Alabama. My friend was completely taken aback. She had no idea it was gonna snow.
  9. Been hearing from friends on Facebook that they are salting roads in Alabama? Everyone I talk to has no idea about any snow.
  10. Does anyone really know what is gonna happen Tuesday?
  11. Is there Any chance this will be late? Meaning it will happen in the evening on Tuesday for the central part of Alabama?
  12. The system I am interested in is the one on Tuesday and Wednesday. I think northern and central Mississippi and Alabama May see a good amount of snow. Why is no one talking about this?
  13. People on my FB feed are reporting power outages in Alabama. Apparently the wind is kicking up so strong it’s causing power outages. Low may be stronger than expected?