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  1. Looks like this caught folks offguard, including RAH. Things are going to get bad quick in the Triad.
  2. Models have consistently been showing ice for the Triangle, though. So any reason people aren't believing them?
  3. Nope what? No snow and still ice?
  4. Is the NAM showing more snow this time or still ice?.
  5. Crazy that the weather is awesome today and 48 hours from now we might be waiting for an ice storm. Really hope the models are wrong or this ends up more snow than ice.
  6. Models still pretty consistent with the totals.
  7. Hope it keeps going further south and is more snow than ice. I don't want ice and trees down, and I know the folks that just got hit hard don't want it.
  8. WRAL showed snow and ice for a lot of central NC this Monday night as the system exits. I think it was their in-house model.
  9. I think this one might blow some folks' mind. Me and my wife.
  10. I wish there was a Zaxby's near my house or work. And thanks for the compliment!
  11. Also, the next big snow storm is always 10 days away.
  12. Most of you guys with pics of you and your woman really outkicked your coverage.
  13. If you want to know how to post, just see how I do it.