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  1. Spring 2018 banter

    They were saying cold before.....lol!
  2. Spring 2018

    These models are getting worse it seems!
  3. All ot these models seem to have gotten worse, they keep changing till the last minute just like they have in all of the storms this winter.
  4. Yep 18z goofus at it again!
  5. Central PA - March 2018

    He can't make up his mind first north then south...lol
  6. Yes I agree with your statements, and the NAM is the one model that has shown improvement.
  7. March 12th - 13th Scraper

    Yes the models don't catch on literally to the last minute!
  8. March 6 -7 Noreaster Obs Thread

    They did'nt have a clue to the last minute, no better than they will in March 2001.
  9. Central PA - March 2018

    If models can't get it right to the last minute(when the storm is right upon us) what good are they!
  10. Don't trust last minute shifts when the storm is right upon us. It either shows the models can't get it right till it's right on top of us or plain wrong.
  11. At least the nam has a storm, it is however out of it's range.
  12. Central PA - Jan/Feb 2018

    It may depend on how far north you are and also their elevation.
  13. For coastal sections it may be, I do feel inland locations will still get snow.
  14. I could see the kind of day we are having today happening in April or May...a cold wet period!