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  1. I know in northeastern Pa, north of the Avoca area we has a freeze the other night.
  2. Overall since 2010 the climate has really been warming!
  3. +1 these days is really below what's been happening lately so I would say that's cooler than the new more realistic normal and not above that 1981 -2010 average which is fiction in today's climate.
  4. Binghamton NWS always pulls the trigger too fast with severe.
  5. While here in northeastern Pa we are still having lows near freezing, a big difference in morning lows.
  6. April is too cold one would want a warmer spring in the northeast, if it's not going to snow bring on the heat!
  7. Which would make it about the norm for the last 10 or 15 years.
  8. Only problem is that normal is no longer normal.
  9. Yes I think if we use 15 year averages we would have temps that are much more realistic for normal in today's climate. If we keep going like this it would be difficult to get anywhere near average snow for philly south in about 20 years.
  10. More and more proof that the 1981-2010 averages are useless for today's climate!
  11. If we add about 2 or 3 degrees to each month's climo we will get the true average for today's climate.
  12. I guess sooner or later they will get it, but their track record has'nt been that great.
  13. Long range is a crapshoot and no model has done too well beyond a few days.
  14. Wow..Avoca climate is becoming closer to that of philly instead of the rest of northeast Pa and the Poconos!
  15. I know in northeast Pa we have had a freeze in mid May for the last 4 seasons, I'm talking north of Scranton.