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  1. The RGEM is now in it's good range.
  2. Right or wrong the euro has not been the same since the upgrade for it to change so drastically. It seems the euro if right is only good within a couple of days, no better than the nam which is not designed for long range!
  3. Just saying the euro is furthest east.
  4. Not like the euro!
  5. Canadian who cares... they are horrible this far out!
  6. I did'nt notice but I'm glad to hear it!
  7. It seems to have cut back totals for everyone.
  8. I believe HRRS went north
  9. Each and every run seems to be different. Nam is not good at this range it seems.
  10. At this point I rather have it south. It's March if this was January I say it may be a south mid atlnatic event.
  11. The trend has been north all winter and usually March snowstorms trend north anyway.
  12. Euro is king of BS!
  13. Euro is so consistent since it's upgrade it has been awful outside of a few days.
  14. It seems like extreme departures on the warm side for a few days is what has brought about a good deal of above average temps. Days with big departures are much more common than colder than average days.
  15. Yes I agree and unless we have blocking we go above and if we get + epo or +ao and nao we go way above. I think all things being equal we always end up above because it looks like the so called normal is not normal anymore.