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  1. Plenty of time for that to change.
  2. That could change to snow inland.
  3. That's probably the outcome philly south sees temps in the 60's and close to 70 while northern areas struggle to get to 50.
  4. It won't be as much a problem for inland locations, however for coastal regions it will be for an all snow event.
  5. That's a cold spring, let's skip it and go into summer with 80's!!
  6. The long range euro has been awful beyond a week!
  7. Yes you are right!
  8. I'm sure you have noticed that northeast Pa,that is north of AVP area has done well in snow despite being a few degrees above average.
  9. I don't think winter is over at least for NYC north.
  10. Euro weeklies have been bad this winter so I would'nt count on that alone. I do think we see a bit more snow, especially NYC and north.
  11. The bottom line is it's so easy to be above the average and very hard to get below it.
  12. Nevertheless what we care about most is snow and most areas around NYC and further north probably will end up with average to above average snowfall.
  13. It's been warmer than normal all winter..what's new!
  14. It's only going to last a few days or a little more,but enough to make it above the so called normal which should be +2 above the 1981-2010 averages to be considered normal for today.
  15. NY state and upstate PA north of AVP area have done well this year, above normal temps don't hurt much in those areas.