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  1. I was just going to note that there's a new system coming off Cabo Verde.
  2. Finally really picked up on the NW side of Indy about half an hour ago, and still going. Not a lot staying on the ground but good sized dendrites and wind.
  3. Forecast post-mortem by the Capital Weather Gang. Pretty sure commentary to this board about the need for additional forecast technology funding is preaching to the choir though.
  4. Great 48 hr GOES16 loop. Really highlights where she ingested air over Cuba, and how close she came to really reintensifying.
  5. Way too chattery to say in the main thread, but I have to say somewhere -- wouldn't you think that TWC could cough up the dough to get their reporters microphones with some kind of waterproofing? And send them out with more than one single wireless mike? (Though it was entertaining to watch Cantore and team wind the wire around the column of the building there.)
  6. Amazing to watch the chasers on Marco in the eye now. Sure hope they're safe from surge once it passes though.
  7. Strong spot in the RFQ there. Any possibility it went to cat 4 right as it was landfalling here?
  8. Seems to have surprised the mets discussing it too, but the one replying is a NWS employee in SW FL so one would hope he's looking at the right records. No guarantee of course.
  9. Google "Crisis Map". Includes evacuation routes, shelters, traffic, gas stations and statuses, radar - bunch of useful info if you're still heading out to safer ground.
  10. Here's something from outside the city limits - evacuation of area around chemical plant due to explosion risk: