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  1. 2 hours ago, luckyweather said:

    NWS 7 day doesn’t have a high above 79 here west of Chicago taking us into 8/21. It’s not extreme in one direction or another, but I cannot recall a stretch this long in recent Augusts so mild. A torch in the vicinity of Labor Day seems like a seasonal tradition, I’d be shocked if we didn’t have one, that said GEFS shows mild / below average heights through the end of August into met fall with the positive anomalies locked up northwest and northeast.

    We may have lucked out on the ridiculous heat much of the N. Hemisphere saw this summer, but I don’t want to gloat too much, I fear our ticket will get punched soon enough.

    I feel like all of the corn, etc in the Midwest is helping to save us so far.  Puts out a lot of moisture which makes it more difficult to heat up.  A way around it would be to get a drought to set in early enough to take out a good amount of crops, like what happened in 2012.  Maybe there will come a day when the corn effect gets overridden by what's happening in the background, but we're not there yet.  Until then, I think we're going to be more prone to ridiculous warmth in the other seasons.  

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  2. 3 hours ago, Harry said:

    Never thought I would see the day I would have to wear a jacket in the first part of August but that day has arrived. 50s most of the afternoon after the rain arrived. High only made it to 62 and if that holds it will be a new record. Old was 63.. 

    I checked out the BTL obs... brutal stuff for this time of year.

    Feel fortunate that it got into the 70s here.

  3. 4 hours ago, canderson said:

    Hey hey! Random but I’ll be in the region in two weeks - Eue Claire for 3 days and Minneapolis for 1. Any suggestions on anything to do at either or in between? Seeing the Sox vs Twins game the night we”re In Minneapolis, staying at the new Four Seasons. Any tips on good bars around?

    Can't really help ya but hopefully somebody can.  Don't have too many posters from those areas though.

  4. 1 hour ago, Chicago Storm said:

    With the way the pattern is looking through the beginning portion of the end of the month, it definitely isn't going to be any time soon at the least.

    I ran the stats and since ORD became the official ob site in 1980, 26/42 years have had at least 1 day of 90+ between August 16-31.  So climo is in favor of it happening, but not necessarily overwhelmingly as it means that nearly 40% of back halves of August have not had a temp of 90+

  5. 5 minutes ago, Chicago Storm said:

    Not to go all Spartman, but the high of 95 at ORD/MDW this past Saturday was 'probably' the last 90+ day this month for Chicago.

    Spartman West

    That's a lot of days left to cover.  Could easily stumble into one or two at some point, like out ahead of a storm system.

  6. 15 hours ago, GaWx said:

     Way back in the WW days (~20 years ago), this poster went by the name "jxdama" with what I recall was an avatar of a woman with an American flag scarf. That may have covered 2003, when he/she got blasted by Isabel in the VA Beach/Norfolk area after giving the entire east coast the all clear just a few days before. Thankfully he/she was ok. At some point, he or she began posting as the infamous and everyone's favorite "rainstorm", possibly with the same avatar but I'm not sure. I can't recall if this name change was when Eastern started or before, but I'm guessing it was when Eastern started. This poster used to also post at Storm2k with a different name.

     @WEATHER53 may remember a lot of this.

     jx/rs/ldub is "world renowned" to be about as "good" a troll as they come and I admit sometimes makes me laugh because it is often so over the top/silly. The key is to not take the posts too seriously. I bet ldub is often laughing bigtime behind the scenes. By the way, I think he/she really is quite smart and knowledgeable despite the trolling dumb takes. One year rainstorm actually won the Eastern tropical contest! I remember because I ran it. I don't think it was even close. It was hilarious! Rainstorm won it because it was she/he picked pretty bearish and it turned out to be the most bearish season in years.

    Wait, rainstorm is ldub?  I thought they were different people.

  7. 57 minutes ago, TheClimateChanger said:

    Yes, not nearly as much movement as the wintertime. With that said, they keep redefining what is normal. Based on 1961-1990 normals, June was 67.8, July 71.9, and August 70.3. Now its 69.9 (+2.1F), 73.9 (+2.0F), and 72.3 (+2.0F). So it would have been considered more than 4F above normal as recently as 2000.

    Yeah, I'm using the new 1991-2020 averages.

  8. 3 hours ago, TheClimateChanger said:

    In what has become a familiar refrain, another scorching summer in northern Ohio. 

    Akron is currently tied for 6th place with 2020 for the warmest June 1 - August 7 periods on record. While the top four on this list are all quite old, those years all cooled in late August. So all of the current record hottest summers are exclusively very recent (see table below). If the summer ended today, it would tie for hottest on record with 2020 and 2016. 2018 and 2021 are tied for third hottest on record at two-tenths of a degree below 2020 and 2016. It appears 2022 should follow suit, and end up somewhere in the mix with these recent years.

    What's especially interesting and mindboggling is the station thread includes records from the University of Akron, and then present-day Akron Fulton International Airport for a while, before moving to the Akron-Canton Regional Airport in Green Township. If records were still taken at KAKR, a lot of these recent readings would be another 0.5-1F warmer.



    Shows how hard it is to put up big monthly temp anomalies in summer.  That June 1-August 7 period is a shade higher than 2 degrees warmer than average at Akron -- which doesn't sound extremely impressive -- yet is tied for 6th warmest.

  9. 4 minutes ago, madwx said:

    Looking like a potential heavy rain event over the next 36 hours.  MKX talking upwards of 10” over multiple rounds

    Pretty bold to mention that, especially since there isn't good model agreement in the areas of heavier rain and it's not something like a remnant tropical system.  But that being said, you can imagine how it ends up happening if things go right (or wrong).

  10. 20 minutes ago, cyclone77 said:

    MLI had 6 in May, 4 in July.

    Seems like we may have a west/east thing going in the sub as far as which month had more 90 degree days.  I checked a few more locations...

    South Bend:  2 May, 4 July

    Detroit:  1 May, 5 July

    Indianapolis:  0 May, 9 July

    This kind of fits with my recollection of the May heat spell being more impressive toward the western sub, but I wasn't sure.

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