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  1. For finding average U and V you want to average the two layers. So Surface had (0,10) and 850 had (10,17) you just add the U together and divide by 2 since there are only 2 and do the same with V and should get (5,13.5). They did calculations for figuring out C vector, storm motion vector, within the hodograph. If you then subtract the C from U and V average you should get those values for each Usr and Vsr in sfc to 850 and then again 850 to 700mb. C is determined through the drawing of the hodograph and is approximated if being hand drawn. They didnt show how they got C so that doesnt really help seeing it through PPT but they mention it just underneath I believe what they found as their mean wind for storm motion. Now remember that 300 degree and 22.5 is a vector that should be broken down into its components just as your answer was given to you. That should do the trick.
  2. http://weather.cod.edu/satrad/exper/?parms=cenconus-09-24-1
  3. DCAPE SRH As for Effective BWD ----> I assume this is meant to be bulk wind difference? I never actually learned how to do so. But I believe instead of taking it say from 0-6km for bulk shear it takes it through the whole thunderstorm up to the EL. but feel there is more to it than just that.
  4. Really they chose Bismarck,ND over poughkeepsie, NY really and with this storm on the east coast that was the best decision! What is with these voters lol
  5. I saw right at the end of posting it still recorded 27 after 6z. Oh well not much of an adventure outside of guessing the right winds peed. Boring onto the next.
  6. Wait why did they keep 27 when that wasn't present on daily report, which showed 26. Everything else seemed fine though.
  7. DCA +4.8 NYC +3.8 BOS+3.2 ORD +7.2 ATL+5.6 IAH +7.5 DEN +6.6 PHX +3.3 SEA -2.4
  8. Looks like I just need to go stronger with anoms given now two months of the same. I figured they would be above average just not this though lol
  9. Hahaha I think many just voted the idea of Alaska for forecasting. All those things will throw many people off for sure. It did seem like kpou was the better option with swings coming up in the next two weeks. It will be interesting for sure
  10. Decided to bump up high 75/53/12/00
  11. Lol well that was a fail on the precip everywhere around them seem to do well
  12. Too bad we just missed .13" but hopefully more Went 68/56/17/0.93 I can see atleast the .5-.75" range happening after that will be interesting to see
  13. Oh geez.... Well that was quite the fail of a good chunk of models. 64 as a high let's see if the rain can hold off a bit hoping so only 5 more hours to go lol The radar in North Louisiana looks to have more bark then bite so that is fine hopefully
  14. 70/39/11/0 How quickly clouds come in will determine the high. Could see how the low could get to even 36 depending on the dew point as the night goes on. Also precip was a tricky timing was thinking it would hold off until just after 6z but if I would have went with precip it would have been only like 0.03
  15. Went 64/34/8/0 Felt I should have gone higher on the high temp but held it conservative. Looks like I should have since we just hit 64. Not doing bad so far I'm below 100 so I'll take it. These ulls are always tricky maybe next week some severe weather with yet another ull coming through.