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  1. Looks like I just need to go stronger with anoms given now two months of the same. I figured they would be above average just not this though lol
  2. Hahaha I think many just voted the idea of Alaska for forecasting. All those things will throw many people off for sure. It did seem like kpou was the better option with swings coming up in the next two weeks. It will be interesting for sure
  3. Decided to bump up high 75/53/12/00
  4. Lol well that was a fail on the precip everywhere around them seem to do well
  5. Too bad we just missed .13" but hopefully more Went 68/56/17/0.93 I can see atleast the .5-.75" range happening after that will be interesting to see
  6. Oh geez.... Well that was quite the fail of a good chunk of models. 64 as a high let's see if the rain can hold off a bit hoping so only 5 more hours to go lol The radar in North Louisiana looks to have more bark then bite so that is fine hopefully
  7. 70/39/11/0 How quickly clouds come in will determine the high. Could see how the low could get to even 36 depending on the dew point as the night goes on. Also precip was a tricky timing was thinking it would hold off until just after 6z but if I would have went with precip it would have been only like 0.03
  8. Went 64/34/8/0 Felt I should have gone higher on the high temp but held it conservative. Looks like I should have since we just hit 64. Not doing bad so far I'm below 100 so I'll take it. These ulls are always tricky maybe next week some severe weather with yet another ull coming through.
  9. That low precip though helped a lot. Went with 58/40/20/0
  10. Getting nervous as well. Most besides hrrr still aren't at where the precip is currently. GFS has it slightly further south then the nam, so nam brings in just under .1" still gfs brings in about a quarter of an inch and looks like hrrr is somewhere in between the two. Most suggest it breaks up real soon, in relative terms, so let's see. I'm hoping for less then .15" but preferably less
  11. Wow just saw that low lol good thing I forecasted this early so I knew I would get it done
  12. I remembered lol went 71/48/16/0.08 Saw a little bit of cooling taking place with with no clouds most kept around 50 so went just a little lower. High seemed a little iffy to me felt we could see just below 70 but who knows. As for precip gfs was the only really showing something before 6z nam and hrrr were a little so I figured go with a blend
  13. Oh man what a horrible city for me lol forgot the first day then just opposite on the other days. This will be unfortunately my drop, darn its so early. Oh well off to KJAN (Jackson, MS) good luck maybe some really decent heat/ severe weather potential here.
  14. Still going but 40/32/15/0.73
  15. What does this have to do with anything here? lol I mean you tell us to be nice to one another and post factual evidence yet you are calling people --> sheople. Come on with that if you want anyone to take you seriously post something validating your points other then obscure quotes.