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  1. DCA +1.7 NYC +1.9 BOS +2.2 ORD+1.8 ATL +1.2 IAH +1.4 DEN +2.1 PHX +2.3 SEA +1.1
  2. Then you face warmth issues. Ill take my chances that a weak can still stir up STJ and throw in some right timing and we will be good. I only ever hope for just one big storm, usually hit our average that way (~27"). Things looking more and more weak nino this year. Might just barely scratch that threshold too.
  3. Gladly send some of the rains we have had down here your way. Probably around a foot for the month normally barely push around 3 we tend to have our "dry" season now until about september/october.
  4. Yes Millersville is ever expanding their programs now introducing emergency planning and I believe a few others are in prospects down the road. I would go with your gut. Meteorology is a tough field to get into but dont let that take you down. Network yourself study hard to understand the content and if it is something you truly love to do you will not regret it. As for when you graduate start looking into internships Junior year make yourself known in many of the businesses (in private sector and government) go to conventions (AMS is great) get as much experience as you in different aspects of meteorology without running yourself crazy, again the material can be challenging at times. I personally was unsure what the field would look like my senior year I often looked around at different job prospects, many of which have been in the broadcasting portion of meteorology, which if that is what your interest is in there are quite a few openings. I myself wanted to do forecasting and more along the research/behind the scenes type of job but in order for me to do that in mainly the government I needed to go for masters which is in the near future just not the right time right now for me. The private sector is great but the openings arent quite as open and sometimes can be rigorous, went for an accuweather position did the whole interview out of 50 or so candidates 6 were chosen to come to the HQ to do an interview and get to know them took tests, did interviews, wrote out discussions and of the 6 two were chosen from different schools all around the country. Unfortunately the downside of first time being there was the unsure what to expect and found out after the process the pay rate which is comparable I feel to many other private sector forecasting companies for starting just ended up not working out in my favor but I didnt let that get me down. I spoke with my advisor and he guided me into the job I currently have which is working for the FAA as a weather observer. Could not thank him enough and even though it is not forecasting it gives me the freedom to do some research myself and better fine tune my forecasting skills in different locals of the country. Forecasting will still be a passion of mine as well as storm chasing but this is a more practical thing for me at this point until I am done with a masters degree to better make myself standout in the crowds of folks that go into the application process. It is no guarantee of course, but I love learning more and more about the field and will continue advancing my knowledge whether at this job or the next. Hope this helps
  5. No worries always wonders we arent fully sure of yet in this changing climate. Cool stuff to try and get an idea for in the future with such fairly drastic patterns changing and locking in for time periods up there. And thanks for the info on AMO ill have to go back and check things out then but that is a concern even with the change that things might have already changed enough to counteract that -AMO phase.
  6. Yea only reason Im not sold on moderate status is because we keep getting this to fight back with upwelling taking place on the eastern side, hence why i feel many like the idea of modoki, but we should see how things go as we move along the MJO has been getting "stuck" it seems at times causing these enhancements to occur. Ill take warm neutral to weak nino this winter tends to bring more moisture into our area (mid atlantic) for winter time and just need it to link up with some cold patterns and we are in business. Warmth seems to be building again in the western Pac so we may have the warming from this into early winter then another maybe into end of winter early spring time?
  7. I feel it was probably already mentioned but what may be the reasoning of the prolonged low pressure over the CAB and into Canada/Greenland area? I think I had seen the idea of the late SSW being a possible reason. It is interesting to see of course and does this mean that this upcoming winter season may feature something different than we have seen in recent years? Not necessarily recovery by any means but less harsh conditions then we have seen. Also with the possibility of AMO flipping or showing signs it may what impact will this have in ice conditions particularly on the Atlantic side. Thanks for any comments trying to get better at understanding what is occurring up in Arctic
  8. First thing just seems to be the way things happen around the area I have noticed many of times we tend to get the times you had mentioned as our frontal passage more often then not. It more so probably has to do with how the frontal system progresses not very often we get the low pressure running through the east more so into Canada and then we get the trailing front which slows the bermuda high is fairly intense this time of year and fights back slowing systems as they come east and diverting them into canada. So maybe that is why? Second, winds do some funky stuff over water especially near coastal areas unless the meteorologists at NWS are familiar with how things go just off the coast more often then not they go off past data and computer models which arent always the best a predicting winds again especially along the coast. So it seems fitting that with the change in low and high tides you get different winds to occur. You can also see changes in winds around dawn and dusk and if they maybe coincide with tides then maybe that change is enhanced? Not too familiar myself with coastal forecasting. Hope that helps?
  9. Yea had a fairly decent enhanced trade wind event take place might see another burst if you will as the waters try to re-establish themselves and maybe get a move on the MJO wave. Looks like we should probably get back into motion soon and by about August start to warm things up again? Thinking weak nino the way to go with this one.
  10. Happen to have a loop and know what time of day it was? Most likely either a dying thunderstorm that went splat and created the outflow that stirred up bugs and other animals (birds, bats,etc) or it could have been the end of daytime scenario with similar animals and bugs that happened to get caught in concentration. Hard to tell though without a loop.
  11. I remember extracting data from model runs, saved data, in python it was a brief lesson or two in the semester. If I happen to find anything in my notes at home ill throw them your way on how to do so. As far as I remember you can see the model output but it will be a little different than what you are use to seeing in a computer model run. When we did it we got things like pressure and temp for allowing gradient looks to see where Low/high placement and fronts but again not similar looking to how we see models say as tropical tidbits or something, im sure there is some way to get it to represent how you want it but that will be for whatever you may need it for. The other im unfamiliar with didnt do much programming had fortran and python in school.
  12. interesting explanations but honestly the largest thing I have seen for tmin has been the increase in moisture in the lower levels, the alternate GHG from the well talked about CO2. You keep dp's up they arent dropping temps/radiating them out definitely one of the biggest contributors I have seen over the past couple years to decade. Stagnation of patterns also doesnt help the cause either we use to swing systems in every couple days and tended to have maybe one or two extended periods of real intense dp and high temps but now it seems the patterns are staying around a bit longer in certain locals. Cant speak for NE but down here around the mason dixon line I have noticed this change many of times the front gets stuck or stalls right near us and NYC drops in dp's while many areas still sit in the low 70's.
  13. Lol student loans just about done been out of school for about 4 years not sure what your point is, no mommy/daddy help. Seems to be the only person stressed is you trying to figure what dumbed-down information you would like to spout out next. Thanks for talking trash on my degree you seem to know nothing about. Next...
  14. Do you even have a science background? Cause you are bashing a lot of folks who have dedicated their lives and many hours of their free time in one simple statement. If you knew what they taught you in school then this would have never been a post.
  15. Again you cant be serious with this right? You can get large beach erosion/shoreline redesign from a persistent gradient wind too so whats your point?