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  1. Oh man completely lost track was going to post last night but fell asleep. DCA: +1.4 NYC:+0.8 BOS:-1.1 ORD: +1.4 ATL:+2.3 IAH:+1.8 DEN:+2.5 PHX: +1.7 SEA:+0.8
  2. HAARP

    It never is anymore in these threads its more of a video with a guy explaining his reasoning for his outlandish thoughts. Glad we go off hunches now.
  3. DCA -3.0 NYC -2.6 BOS -2.8 ORD -3.7 ATL -2.4 IAH -1.6 DEN +1.1 PHX +1.7 SEA -0.8 Almost forgot about this. Thanks again for doing these breaks up the same ole forum crap. I guess I would put myself in the central PA area I frequent other regionals but that here nor there.
  4. Resources for Learning

    could always give meted a try. https://www.meted.ucar.edu/ Sign up for free and start taking whatever might peak your interest. As for starting from the beginning im sure you can find a PDF of something out there. Meteorology Today is a good book for basics.
  5. December 2017 temperature forecast contest

    DCA: -3.1 NYC: -2.7 BOS: -2.4 ORD: -4.2 ATL: -2.8 IAH: -1.3 DEN: -1.6 PHX: +2.7 SEA: +1.3
  6. WxChallenge 2017-2018

    Thats awesome and then they got 1.1" of rain lol Hey if you would have doubled your forecast it would have been just about perfect. Yea this is a drop for a lot of people from my old school. That rain really did them in
  7. WxChallenge 2017-2018

    That is some crazy rain totals up there would love to see that snow right about now. Thats gonna be a close one 3km showing some nice band structures coming through not sure how it deals with nw convective atmosphere but that firehose south of them will surely whiten up those mountains hopefully it can spread the love down far into cali.
  8. WMO Station Identifiers

    Not sure if this helps it has alot of them different format though with categorizing. https://data.giss.nasa.gov/gistemp/station_data_v2/v2.temperature.inv.txt or this http://old.wetterzentrale.de/klima/stnlst.html http://weather.rap.ucar.edu/surface/stations.txt Im not exactly sure if you just want the list of the stations or other information about them. You could always use these lists and do the gladstone family if you want major details on each.
  9. WxChallenge 2017-2018

    .31" per metars so far 6z-12z have 0.05 and 12z-18z 0.26 Gonna be interesting to see how much they end up getting because the heaviest bands have been consistent just to their south. Wouldnt be surprised if they get at least to an inch by days end. Hit 50 as well per the high frequency obs. Also should see winds average around the 20knots area not as strong as yesterday.
  10. WxChallenge 2017-2018

    52 high dropped to probably 43 an hour later definitely a weird city precip amounts dont look to amount to a whole lot either today thankfully I dont have to normally predict for the pac nw seems more challenging then not especially through the winter time frame.
  11. 60 Year ONI Anomalies

    Got a clue where to find OLR maps like such for past events? Or would it be best to reconstruct Precip anom maps to get a better understanding? I know this is an ONI thread but figured I would ask real quick
  12. WxChallenge 2017-2018

    It really was what got me was the winds hardly anything lol even as we progress through today they should have atleast been going by now. That rainfall though looks pretty decent and know for a fact they do rain out in that area.
  13. WxChallenge 2017-2018

    Ha well it didnt get as warm as expected might squeek to 51 in the intra hour but highly doubt we see much above 50 as the final. Shame its an auto station cant really tell whats going on above 12K which could clue many in at times. Oh well looks to not be a boring city though over the next week.
  14. Central PA - December 2017

    We have a rain snow sleet mix up at kmdt now 38/36
  15. Central PA - December 2017

    Wasnt sure if I had seen those on the horizon or not, couldnt tell whether it was from factories or was actual clouds but did see Undulatus Asperatus clouds today quite vividly.