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  1. 14 hours ago, Rhino16 said:

    WHY  do they make me take a semester of BIO 101 when I have made it clear that I want to go into WEATHER after transferring? I feel my time would be much better spent taking Physics. Unfortunately, the only Physics class they had was from like 7 to 8:55PM. Heck no! I’d need to be at an online class at 8 the next morning. Hopefully they have some new physics times next semester, but I’m starting to doubt it as last time I checked there were no physics courses for next semester yet, while other subjects had courses listed. Please school.

    you can't make it to an online class at 8am??

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  2. 1 hour ago, H2O said:

    I can only assume because Paul is a vet they due to the youth of the team he wants at least one person out there a lot that has a veteran presence.

    also, there is a more nefarious explanation that i'm not sure is incorrect but i don't know for sure--i.e. USSF has directed that the MLS must be adequately represented in these matches

  3. 49 minutes ago, mattie g said:

    1) I think I understand why he started Arriola, but I don't agree with it - I wanted Weah from the start. I think think he wanted to have Arriola harass, pressure, and run at Costa Rica to wear them down, then sub Weah for him so he could run at a tired defense. I get the thinking behind it, but again I don't agree with it. I think how we played proved this out because Arriola isn't the best player to have out there to build from the back like we did.

    2) Only if we know what the outcome would have been had Arriola started, but that higher power is the only thing to know the result in that alternate universe, so I suppose that's a serious philosophical dilemma.

    as to 1) agree

    as to 2) i suppose that this may be technically correct but on the other hand i *just know* that arriola doesn't score weah's (own) goal on any timeline even if we assume an infinite multiverse which i guess is impossible but still

    44 minutes ago, mattie g said:

    This isn't a bad take, to be honest, but I don't feel like Arriola is quite veteran enough (even being the elder statesman on the team at 26!) to bring that "old hat" wisdom to a team.

    yeah...how awesome is it that the grizzled vet is 26

    43 minutes ago, North Balti Zen said:

    Yes. This. All this.

    my man

    27 minutes ago, mattie g said:

    I think he has a place in the team, but I agree that he shouldn't be in the starting 11. When we're healthy, our winger depth chart is something like this:

    1. Pulisic
    2. Reyna*
    3. Aaronson
    4. Weah
    5. Hoppe*
    6. de la Fuente
    7. Arriola

    I'd honestly like to see what Reyna could do as an 8 in the 4-3-3, which would mean one of Musah, McKennie, or Adams would have to make way (I'd start Aaronson on the wing in this case). No way Adams sits, so it's one of McKennie or Musah, which is a really tough decision. Or we could go with a 4-2-3-1, with Adams and McKennie/Musah as the 6s and Reyna as that 10.

    Hoppe is an interesting case. He's played on the wing for the US, but he's more of a striker. It's a toss-up between him and de la Fuente in the depth chart on the wing. It'd be interesting to see him and Pepi as two up front, but I just don't see us playing that way any time soon.

    i like your rankings

    if you put Reyna in at the 8 in a 4-3-3, i think i would sit McKennie which would have been blasphemy for me until we finally got to see Musah...like you said, Adams is inked in at the 6 for the forseeable future...really not sure what the best formation is although i think the 4-3-3 is maybe my current favorite--Dest and Robinson bombing up the outsides, Richards and Brooks? (maybe Miles but idk) at CBs, Adams, Musah and Reyna, and then Puli, Aaronson/Weah and Pepi (or even try out Weah at striker?)...i'd run that out any day


    edit to add: i really like Hoppe...he seems like sort of a dick which i like and they need a bit of, will keep my eye on him this fall

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  4. 6 minutes ago, H2O said:

    See I like Paul Arriola. DC homer tho. I’m not familiar enough with the entire squad to know if there is a better player that should be played instead of him

    i don't even dislike him...he plays hard and is constantly working and he seems like good teammate...he's just technically not at a level where he should be starting over some of the other players available in a WCQ for the USMNT...he'd have been a fine player on this team 10 years ago but now he's just not good enough...my ire is more directed at gregggg for always starting this guy in big games...

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    21 hours ago, mattie g said:

    I'm a massive soccer fan, so I'm not sure I'd lol at us going down 1-0 in the first minute, but we dominated that game and fully deserved the three points.

    cool, i asked this in another thread and nobody even knew what i was talking about so if you don't mind can you let me know if i did in fact prove the existence of god or at least a god?

    On 10/14/2021 at 10:07 AM, MacChump said:

    2 parter:

    1) should gregg berhalter be fired simply because he intended to start paul arriola last night; and related,

    2) does the fact that paul arriola was injured in warmups before the game prove the existence of a higher power?

  6. hit up sapwood on saturday afternoon...it was as advertised...tried the leaf fall up, simcoe simpatico, the bourbon-stout-coconut-vanilla stout, and a sour but i can't remember which one...they were all fantastic

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  7. On 9/24/2021 at 5:34 PM, WxUSAF said:

    I’m not huge on stouts, but Sapwood Cellars in Columbia has an imperial stout called Mole’d. Pretty incredible. I bought two cans and am saving them for a pork taco night sometime this fall. 

    how is the taproom?  i've got to be down there in october and it's almost walkable from the hotel if i'm willing to hop a fence or two or wade a creek--which  i am--if it's worth it...

  8. 18 hours ago, JTA66 said:

    Do yourself a favor and stick him on ignore like the rest of us have.

    Storm passing just to my west, 68F/DP 64F

    yeah, good trolls are OK with me but this dude has nothing interesting to say...philly sucks!!!!!!!11!...ok, got it, thanks, phil...onto the ignore list

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  9. 21 hours ago, yoda said:

    Lol Fitz to undergo an MRI for his hip... watch him be out for Luke 6 to 8 weeks... Cam Watch in effect


    20 hours ago, nw baltimore wx said:

    I hope they don’t pick up Cam. 


    20 hours ago, Chris78 said:

    It doesn't matter who's playing QB If the O line is going to play like today.

    They were beat up front on both sides of the ball today.


    3 hours ago, H2O said:

    So no Fitzmagic for a while. Old man busted up his hip and now we trust Heineken 

    I bet we could work something out

    edit: no idea why the gif is just a still

    edit again: it’s a killer gif too


  10. 17 minutes ago, mreaves said:

    Exactly. This is why I pretty much only watch the Red Zone. The way they do replay, handcuffed defenses and constantly have stoppages in play make it almost unwatchable. Having said that, baseball is just as bad. Slow games, constant pitching changes and the only strategy seems to be hitting a home run. Baseball isn’t a National game anymore, it only matters in markets with teams, just like the NHL.  At least the NFL has a National audience.  I know I’ll get shit for it but I’ve grown to like English soccer more than baseball and it’s close to the NFL for me. Very few stoppages in play and once you learn the game it becomes exciting to watch. 

    Agreed. Unless it’s an Eagles game I’d rather watch an EPL game than a random NFL game. 

  11. 48 minutes ago, wxtrix said:

    the first part of dinner on this 100F (literally) degree day:  heirloom tomatoes, avocado, and onion in a red wine garlic basil vinaigrette.



    Lol. We are overflowing with tomatoes as well and I made this pretty much exact salad tonight but with some garlic expressions vinaigrette…

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  12. 7 minutes ago, Newman said:

    Just looked up the Mt. Jo trail, definitely what I'm gonna do! I just got surgery on Monday, so I have to be very careful with how strenuous these hikes are. I'm up here to begin with because my brother is getting married up here and I was hoping to do some hiking. The Cobble Lookout was a very simple 2 mile out and back with virtually no elevation gain. If the Mt. Jo loop ends up being too much, I'll turn around. And obviously hiking up Whiteface isn't gonna happen, but 100% will drive up. Thanks for the recommendations!

    nice, sounds like a great week...i will say that, like most people seem to do, we went up on the "short route" and down on the "long route"...the short route is, well, short, but it is actually pretty steep and will definitely get your heart rate up...you could just do the long route both ways if you are worried at all and still be done in a couple hours...have a great time!

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  13. 34 minutes ago, Newman said:

    I'm in Lake Placid NY until Saturday. First time up here, and wow it's beautiful! Got up at 4:45am to go watch the sunrise at Cobble Overlook (around 2350' elevation). Hoping to either drive or hike to the peak of Whiteface Mountain tomorrow (around 4850' elevation). Wish I could live up here year round, plus they average 100+ inches of snow. Side note, some severe storms forecasted for up here today.


    we did that a couple of years ago...it is awesome...there's a good BBQ place right on main street that sits on the lake...we drove up to whiteface which is worth it but it's a long hike...if you are looking for a shorter hike i can recommend mt. jo...only takes a couple of hours at most to get up and down but the views are great

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  14. Just now, Ginx snewx said:

    First Album is as classic as it gets. James Taylor is great if you are into it. You probably are a Sarah Mclaughlin fan as well. 

    feel like you are trying to insult me but i'm not too sure...zero sara mclaughlin cds but she did convince me to adopt two puppies

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  15. Just now, MacChump said:

    i have like two james taylor cds and one is the live double disc so i feel completely justified posting in a new england forum

    so that's really 3 cds i guess...bona fide

  16. 5 minutes ago, Hurricane Agnes said:

    Well so far, I got 0.22" out of it which is fine since I already got 1.68" yesterday.  So a good top-off ahead of the torch the next couple days. :lol:

    The rain did drop the temp to 75 and the dp "down to" 73.  Still getting some light rain.

    I was out yesterday so not sure what we got but I can tell you that my grass is plenty brown. Glad you are getting some relief from the dp lol

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