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  1. 38 minutes ago, gymengineer said:

    I know I haven’t posted much lately so maybe I missed something… did some other sub-forums turn to no moderation as practice? The New England sub-forum reads as a “post anything you want.”

    forget it, jake, it's the new england sub-forum

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  2. 14 minutes ago, KamuSnow said:

    Had an experience like that from Floyd. This was pretty vigorous wind wise, still no power here and no indication of when we might get it back. Think Peco is momentarily overwhelmed...

    With the road closed, the only sound here is the neighbor's generator, and katydids....very dark, lol.

    Yeah I drove down spring valley to Marshall and there were trees and downed wires everywhere…we did get power back here recently, hope yours comes on soon

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  3. 2 hours ago, KamuSnow said:

    Thanks for the heads up! Wonder how long that will last? Since you mentioned it, it is pretty quiet here. I could get used to it, lol.

    Hah, yeah, if it lasts until winter smithbridge would be a great sledding hill

  4. hey kamu check this out


    Smithbridge Road CLOSED with DETOUR due to bridge outage.

    The PennDOT District 6 Bridge Unit has requested the closure of Smithbridge Road (SR 3046) over Webb Creek in Concord Township due to recent bridge inspection findings. The findings indicate that there is advanced superstructure and substructure deterioration that warrants immediate closure.

    Smithbridge Road is closed with detour west of Fox Hill Farms, between Arbor Circle and Palmer Drive. PennDOT will be posting detour signs to assist with travel through the area.


  5. On 7/5/2023 at 11:57 AM, Kay said:

    Checking back in after getting back from a trip to Greece, and those who encouraged me to go were so right. Went to a friend's milestone bday celebration in Rhodes followed by few days in Athens. Landed at IAD around 8-830 pm last night and immediately thought - whoa now there's a summer sunset, ours are so much more interesting :lol: but seriously... it was beautiful and I'm so so glad I went! I think I may have heard but not seen some DC fireworks (?) as I finally reached my car, it was dark enough, but idk. Maybe I will post some Greece pics but not too weather-related...hope all are doing well and had a happy 4th.  @WxWatcher007I've been scrolling through your pics just now they are amaaaazing!

    awesome, glad you ended up going...we went in april and it was amazing...

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  6. On 4/23/2023 at 10:28 AM, 09-10 analogy said:

    That's one of the few parts of the movie I didn't like: how easily the Lord of the Nazgul, who was basically a rogue Numenorean with a neat ring, schooled Gandalf. Gandalf, especially in his reincarnation as the White, was a demigod, more or less, in the class of Sauron himself; both were Maiar, after all. In the book JRRT left their confrontation at the gate unresolved, as the LOTN was called away by the arrival of the Rohirrim right before they threw down. Maybe, amped up by Sauron's power, the LOTN would have prevailed over Gandalf, but he wouldn't have been much use afterwards. As the Grey, Gandalf beat the Balrog: another Maiar. As the White, in the book and movie, he broke Saurman, another Maiar and formerly the head of the wizards' order, rather easily. So I really think Gandalf wouldn't have had that much trouble with the LOTN, who was after all just a man with an extraordinarily powerful trinket. (After all, as the Grey, Gandalf held off six or seven Nazgul on Weathertop, and they "retreated before my wrath.") It certainly wouldn't have been the squash match Peter Jackson made it. Sorry about the tirade but this scene took away from what was, otherwise, a fantastic rendition of the books. 








    also: great post, agree

  7. 3 minutes ago, Jebman said:

    It is simply snowing hard, and blowing like crazy in Tahoe! The awesomeness unfolding particularly on the 8200' level platform is what you could refer to as My Precious! I am the Smeagle of snow, especially in the presence of extremely high altitude ski resorts and raging deadly blizzards with 199 mph gusts like those you will often find at the Sierra Crest!


    Check out the second camera, the famed High Camp webcam! That snow is just swirling around on the platform! That beautiful drift is developing as high winds and incredible Pacific moisture conspire to bring out the very best in the Sierra! Visibilities have gone straight to snowy, blizzardy HELL! The temperature is so sweet, only 20 degrees!

    This song by Peter Cetera has got to be one of the BEST of all-time for snow jebwalking, or even just admiration and total, heartfelt WORSHIP of a Sierran blizzard in all of its beauty and awesomeness!

    Turn your speakers up to 979 decibels and let the music carry you away as you are transported to snowy Sierran Heaven by a sweet beautiful webcam!


    i don't really think peter was singing about snow here, jeb

    Feel your breath on my shoulder
    And I know we couldn't get any closer
    I don't want to act tough, I just want to fall in love
    As we move into the night I get crazy
    Thinking how it's gonna be with you baby
    I don't want to play rough I've been loving you enough
    Oh, baby
    I want to take forever tonight
    Want to stay in this moment forever
    I'm gonna give you all the love that I've got
    I want to take forever tonight
    Fill you up, fill you up with love
    When we close the door all I need is in your eyes
    I want to take forever tonight
    Touch my lips, I'm on fire
    You're the only one I'll ever desire
    Turn the lights down low, make the world go slow
    When I'm holding you tonight it's so easy
    Nothing moves me like you do when you tease me
    And to rush would be a crime
    I just want to spend some time with you baby
    I want to take forever tonight
    Want to stay in this moment forever
    I'm gonna give you all the love that I've got
    I want to take forever tonight
    Fill you up, fill you up with love
    When we close the door all I need is in your eyes
    I want to take forever tonight
    And when I'm here beside you
    I want to see what drives you out of your mind
    I never want to leave I only want to be with you
    'Cause I love how you feel your love is so real
    I want to take forever tonight
    Want to stay in this moment forever
    I'm gonna give you all the love that I've got
    I want to take forever tonight
    Want to stay in this moment forever
    I'm gonna give you all the love that I've got
    'Cause I can't live without you


  8. On 3/18/2023 at 6:50 PM, Prestige Worldwide said:

    It’s been bad for most in the East 


    wow dca got double baltimore's snow this year, pretty good season for dc folks if you look at it that way

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  9. 21 hours ago, kristia said:

    Forget what any of the models say. I came home and my teenager was washing dishes. On his own. Without being asked. It’s gonna snow, y'all! :lol:

    when do report cards come out? trust me

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  10. 1 hour ago, DDweatherman said:

    I spent last weeks first snow up at Resorts World in Monticello to enjoy some snow. If the euro depiction is right, I’ll be headed back. I have nice comped rooms if anyone wishes to partake. 


    1 hour ago, NorthArlington101 said:

    If that's a serious offer... feel free to PM me. I work remote, am increasingly desperate, and am very willing to meet folks.


    48 minutes ago, Xeonon said:

    I too am interested. PM me if serious offer! 

    can't wait for the true crime podcast on this one

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  11. 1 minute ago, mappy said:

    that's it. he bragged about staying in 2k a night beach resort while we are chasing flurries

    ahhh, i was wrong on the locale...thanks, mappy

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  12. 1 minute ago, H2O said:

    Some Perry Mason you are.  

     i figure that the vc husband dude posted a picture of some snow-bound resort which got folks fired up but looking for confirmation

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  13. 3 hours ago, NorthArlington101 said:

    Hey, it makes me a bit jealous, which is what the goal likely is. Jealous that he’s got a great thing going with his wife, haha. Thank god my girlfriend is going to law school. Maybe one day I can troll people online about snow while she bills an absurd rate, too. The American Dream

    be careful amigo--law school and med school aren't exactly the same obvi but there are parallels:

    “I'm sorry, Elaine. I always knew that after I became a doctor, I would dump whoever I was with and find someone better. That's the dream of becoming a doctor."

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