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  1. Radar has filled back up to my southwest in AL and the heavier snow bands seem to be traveling NE. Looks good now
  2. Alright, thanks! Do you mind letting me know who Robert is? I'm an amateur on here.
  3. Concerned for ATL. The hole in moisture doesnt seem to be giving up.
  4. 32F and lightly snowing here in northern Atlanta.
  5. Hoping the ATL area gets more and longer-lasting precipitation (snow) than forecasted... Can anyone comment on this?
  6. The drying out with the moisture here is a bit annoying... Otherwise, looks like a generally good setup for some light evening/overnight snow showers.
  7. The low moves north, and there's a stronger warm wedge.. Very minor though, the general setup looks fantastic.
  8. Moderate snow has returned to ATL after a roughly 2-hour break in precip.
  9. This is gonna be a close one for ATL... Anyone know if the precip shield of the NAM is more likely than the dryness of the GFS? They pretty much agree on the 850mb temps it seems.
  10. This pattern change coming up in early December with constant high pressures dropping down south seems too good to be true. Do you guys think this will verify?
  11. Could this hurricane still be a category 1 when it reaches Atlanta? Or will it definitely have weakened to a TS?
  12. The low goes right over metro Atlanta on the 18Z GFS run... this could get fun (in a twisted way).