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  1. That's probalby pretty close to right. Forsythia need a soil temp of around 55 degrees to bloom. One day at 60 won't do it. Fisher needs his Twitter account suspended.
  2. Sounds worse than it is. Truth is, it's not that a common occurrence in any particular area. I've seen more than I've actually been worried about. Most of the time when I spent time in the celler was before they had widespread Doppler and my grandmother dragged us to the celler. Now you can see where they are down to the block. I will say the one I rode out in the walk in fridge did worry me a little. I could here it come right over the restaurant. Part of the noise were the air handlers coming off the roof of the building next door and the glass coming out of the building I was in. About 25 years ago, my step dad was caught in one north of OKC in his car. Picked it up, threw him in the ditch, blew the glass out of the car,. Cut him up a little, left him muddy and banged up, but he was ok.
  3. I've spent a lot of time in a cellar. Nobody has basements like they do here. Houses are built on slabs. But a lot of people have cellers in the back yard. Concrete or dug out cellers with wood timbers and an earthen top. Ours was concrete with a heavy door that had a chain you could hook to a eye bolt in the floor so a funnel couldn't suck the door off
  4. Born and raised in OKC. I've seen transformers pop like that. Biggest I've seen is an F4. Several 1 2and 3. I rode a 3 out in a walk in refrigerator in a coffee shop in Stillwater Oklahoma when I was in grad school. Took the roof off an auto parts store next door but thank god my coffee shop lived to pour coffee another day.
  5. +1 Im near Central Sq in Cambridge. Just got back from lunch and in the sun, it's really nice
  6. I know a lot of transplanted southerners up here. It's intersting. We can deal with the snow and the cold and all that goes with it more than New Englanders can deal with the climate in south Texas. After a month of 100/70, you guys would cry for your mama. To us, 100/70 is a good day to do outside work or play golf.
  7. Thats something I'll never understand about some New Englanders. Just like I'll never understand the love of endless snow and cold. I stay depressed Jan-april with a perk up in May. To me, last summer blew chunks for the most part, just as I expect this one will.
  8. Naw. I just came in from running errands. Out of the wind, it's not a bad day. Even at 32 in the sun, it feels nice. A little bit of water running off the snow piles too. People down south would think we are crazy, but after the winter, this feels nice.
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