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  1. Snow-mix-sleet-rain-dry slut, what else?..... Oh yeh..33/rain.
  2. Euro has the low tracking thru s.e Michigan so that is s.e
  3. Most meso models showed this tbh..
  4. LMAO.... ok, my bad. On my way right now. ...
  5. Well if KDTW had 45-50 mph gusts, whats the big difference? Check out what? 42mph vs 45KDTW? This storm has busted so far....
  6. Highest gust IMBY is 42mph. 45-50 is still not warning criteria, don't think anyone reached WC. #lame
  7. What kind of mickey mouse b.s is this outside? i'm still waiting for a decent gust of wind...my fart is stronger
  8. As of 3pm records .. 76 Detroit, 78 Flint, Saginaw 74 (Tied)....