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  1. Back to heavy snow in Hoboken as well after a lull of moderate snow for about an hour.
  2. Probably not coming your way at this point.
  3. If that's the case, it's a joke. But what can you do?
  4. Staten Island was approaching a foot, I believe. We're not in the City, but in Hoboken we've got to be approaching that range at point. It's snowing lightly here now, but we had pretty heavy snow for a while before this. We'll see what comes of the next few hours.
  5. Earlier today you crossed out the NWS predictions and wrote 3"-4", right?
  6. It's not just LI. People throughout the City are reporting over 10 inches, some over a foot, though you seem to glance over those. In Hoboken, we had over 7 inches about three hours ago, and it's been snowing heavily ever since, with several hours of snow left to go. Meanwhile, I'm pretty sure you had much of LI in your screw zone last night, but frankly I'm too lazy to go back and find the post.
  7. It's been snowing pretty heavily in Hoboken for a while now. The official total as of 8:45 was 7.3 inches here, but I suspect we are significantly higher than that after two hours of pretty heavy snow. Not 4"/hr heavy, but heavy nonetheless. If this thing continues to crawl along, it's possible we can get several more hours out of this.
  8. Supposedly Islip reported four inches of snow in the past hour! Amazing.
  9. Snowing heavily in Hoboken. Was encouraged to see that mesoscale discussion which said rates around 1 inch per hour are expected for the next two to four hours. I suspect that will put us around a foot, if not a bit higher. The NWS still seems to think our final numbers will be in the 13-15 inch range, so that is good news as well.
  10. I saw a report of thunder snow in LBI. This new low pressure center must really be cranking. If the banding sets up a bit more NW than the HRRR and RGEM have it modeled currently, the NYC/Hoboken area could get into it. As is, we're not doing too badly.
  11. I live in Hoboken, I imagine we're not far off from that total either, but it's hard to tell.
  12. Snowing at a decent clip in Hoboken. Sticking to roads. As sun angle decreases, I imagine accumulation rate will increase.
  13. Exactly. There they go again. There is no way they picked up less than an inch of snow in two and a half hours. I live in Hoboken, and we've had pretty decent rates that entire time. Again, that is the underreporting for which they are famous. I assume in the next few hours they'll pick up and inch or two of snow and their final snow total will be eight inches.
  14. Snowgoose: That's because Central Park typically underreports their snow accumulations. So you need 2"-3"/hr accumulations to get them to report a foot.
  15. Why anyone ever uses the term "puking snow" is beyond me. Really. In any event, Central Park already reported 4.3 inches of snow as of 1 or 2 p.m. And as of the 1 p.m. update, Upton had a winter storm warning up for 10 to 14 inches of ADDITIONAL SNOW ACCUMULATION. So whether people want to call it a bust or nonevent or other completely subjective term, Upton continues to go all in. I am skeptical of the NWS, but obviously they see something here. And, as one poster said previously, it appears that the coastal low is rapidly forming off the Delmarva and is currently 994 mb, which is at or stronger than some of the models had it last night. There is no reason to think that we can't officially get a foot out of this, especially with the sun setting soon. If you want to be disappointed because not all of that will have accumulated on the pavement, or because we didn't get thunder snow, or because we didn't get 3-4 inch/hour rates, go ahead. You can join BW and sulk.