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  1. 29 now.

    Just had to chase off a decent size black bear with my dog in support from around the chicken coop. I then witnessed an impressive shooting star that looked like it split into fragments. Impressive night so far. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, StormchaserChuck! said:

    Actually, it's felt like a very mild November down here, 70s the last two days. All the trees are still green on Nov 11th..

    Where do you live? I expect any leaves remaining on the trees to be stripped bare tomorrow. We are past peak out this way. 

  3. Banter, but personally, as an avid winter fan, I am hopeful for Mother Nature to delay the onset of cold for as long as possible.

    Keep people outside, keep heating costs down as long as we can. Snow/cold will come at some point, along with all other problems. 

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