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  1. 27 minutes ago, stormtracker said:

    I'm trying to figure out a realistic timeframe for rebuilding it with full force of federal and state behind it.   Can't be under 2 years I would think?

    Possibly 2 years.  Everything would need to be fast tracked.  From design(unless they already have one because they wanted to replace already), funding, permitting, contract bids, and the actual construction.  Even if everything went fine it will take months and months.  

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  2. That ship seemed to be having issues. No way does this happen without a cause. Awful tragedy that ruined lives for some. Hoping that traffic was light and the construction workers somehow were able to bail out. Saw that 3 might have been rescued?


    Will be years before a bridge is built to replace. Harbor closed will be a big impact as well. Big shipping port. This is huge for our area

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  3. 2 hours ago, mattie g said:

    That sucks. Just get some rest and take care of yourself however you normally do it. People like to give advice, but I feel like everyone knows how they best recover from viruses like this (especially now that COVID is endemic and hitting similarly to flu/cold).

    Wife and I got it for the first time at the end of last January and it kicked my ass for a few days. We think we *might* have had it a few weeks ago (upon reflection after the fact), but it wasn't that bad so we never tested (oops).

    Hope you feel better soon!

    It’s def not fun to have. But I’m glad I checked to be sure as I don’t want my family to get it.  Or I hope they don’t. Will do everything they say to and just try to enjoy 5 days isolation. At least I’m not missing any snow!!  Har har

  4. On 1/24/2024 at 3:31 PM, FXW176 said:

    Lol, so March is green. April is pink and purple. July is red and blue. October/November are flaming orange. And then the above cycle repeats.

    It’s fun being old and senile. But don’t get me started on the monthly gnome decorations. Wife’s fault. I just ran with it…

    HOAs love gnome parties. I hear your is called burning gnome. 

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  5. 7 minutes ago, MN Transplant said:

    It has been snowing since 7am when I got my 2.5", but the accumulation has been paltry right up until this latest band with the dendrites started. 

    Its that goddamn cloud angle again.  


    I've been stuck at 2.5" as well.  Getting some fatties right now but would need this to keep going to offset compaction.  Its nice to see it snow so I'm happy as hell.  


    2.5" already beat what i expected out of this storm

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