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  1. How many calls does he make, everyone else makes 1 call
  2. Thought this would be of some interest, obviously before the latest model runs. http://www.nj.com/weather/index.ssf/2017/02/snowfall_prediction_maps_from_weather_experts.html
  3. What makes you think that? Anything to support that?
  4. Welcome back Pamela, great to see you back!!!
  5. My ac is working great, nice and cold, great for sleeping, omg 86 I'd check into a hotel
  6. Moderate snow here again in Hoboken after a brief break!
  7. what does he say? Can you copy the post to here??
  8. Very important question as to timing: They are forecasting 1-3 tomorrow and then the heavy stuff tomorrow night. What time will the heavy stuff start? This is important for people who go to work tomorrow and then whether they need to leave early to avoid getting stuck on highways etc....
  9. Good place to be, I am already here, hopefully the bars stay open
  10. Everyone predicted mixing would be an issue, you surely werent the only one